To be Fulfilled or not fulfilled

Most of us have forgotten what fulfilment means . Life has become a constant race, a chase that never ends.

If you stop for a second and wait. You will realize you have been chasing after one thing and another and another. This chasing comes in many forms, be it getting a new phone or a job or pursuing an education or love.

Chase that doesn’t end becomes our own torment. The reason why we fail to cherish the moments is because we have stopped looking at it, as once in a while thrilling moment. But rather we have made it a life.

For todays generation it is triple the chase behaviour. If you want something you are immediately given it. Without any earning or hardwork. This is a way of setting oneself up for disappointment, depression and emptiness.

Imagine playing your favourite game. Mine was Dangerous Dave, Alladin, Roadrash and Wolfstein 3-D. Imagine having all the walkthrough and levels being easy in one day you will be able to get through the game.

Now imagine life becoming that way. If such a life is made for people if at all life introduces obstacles and hardship, any individual with such a makeup will fail to keep their spirits up.

Life is full of experiences, good, bad, lovely, thrilling, horrifying. Imagine Joey enacting all emotions on Chandlers wedding. Life is certainly uncertain. Life doesn’t require a chase, it doesn’t! It can be slow, patient and peaceful.

I watched Simon Sinek’s video and it hit me that we have been the generation who was given things easy. The hardships of our generation is that it is given easy. The flip side of this is that we become paranoid or depressed if we dont get something our way.

This saying that our parents keep telling us “You don’t know what hardships we have been through”. The real hardships were not getting what you want over and over and building a life around it.

If you look at elderly people look how peaceful they look. They have been through different and difficult hardships.

Has anyone ever seen Schindler’s list? Lagaan? 10 years a slave? Now thats hardship, that’s hitting rock bottom with a lot of problems in their way. Oskar Schindler found a way to save lives in the most brutal times.

Ever seen The Pianist? A true story where a jewish pianist who loses his family, job, everything to become a homeless stray who doesnt get to eat, doesn’t get live in peace and is hunted down.

Life is incomparable when people say that it is just a movie. Everyones life is a story when viewed by others it may become something else but only when experienced one understands what it resonates.

The reason why so many people who went through hell go on and understand life’s fullfillment is because they dont chase. They dont they just live life as one should. Like watching a movie you experience several emotions and after it you are left with either happiness or other emotions drawn out by the story. Thats how life is supposed to be.

It is to be lived, not the way you want it to be. Not the way you think it should be, but live it as it is.

The only way to reach fulfillment as I see it is not running more faster, taking on too much baggage. But to set your expectations free and live each day as a new day with hope in your eyes, kindness in your heart and smile on your face.

There are no answers. There are no solutions. Just enjoy life for what it is.

Here this picture. Feel it. Dance to it.

Have a good day

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