Mad for Each Other! got me mad for them

Just finished binge watching Korean Drama “Mad for you (이 구역의 미친 ). Most days the mood of K-dramas keeps me feeling gleeful. Today I have cried a lot, both Oh Yeon-Seo and Jung Woo made me fall in love with their characters. Looking at the series containing only 13 episodes I didn’t think it would have such an impact on me. This isn’t just a drama!

it is way too real! Very underrated drama.

They have put together several delicate and difficult topics in this beautiful storyline.

I really laughed and cried throughout the episodes, not once did I feel that they have put too much in it. Let’s breakdown to what highlights I loved about this show. I really would urge people to watch it before reading further.

Highlights of the series are-

Seeking Help

Lee Min Kyung and Noh Hwi Oh are both flawed individuals who have mental health issues. The relatable thing about it is that statistically one in four individuals have mental health issues, it is that common. Making it a norm to accept it as something one has rather than holding it against the individual is really nice to watch. They visit their psychiatrist often seeking counselling on whatever they experinece and feel. Min Kyung seeking for her paranoia and obsessive compulsive behaviour and Hwi Oh for his anger issues. I really love how they explore their issues and understand each other from time to time. Accepting each other for who they really are. That is what we really need these days.

The roughness and difficult behaviour Hwi Oh faces with Min Kyung is understandable because she always suspects him to be a wrong do-er. At times she straight up accuses him and well it sort of looked like a cry wolf but he is always there for her.

Cyber Bullying

Now a days anyone can put something online and even the wrong information can spread like a virus and ruin someones life. I like how Hwi Oh deals with it and how Women’s association goes all gangster on the source.

Drama aside a lot of people fall prey to this culture being isolated and outcasted because of a rumour. People believe in what they want to believe in. None the less won’t it be easier if they didn’t bully somone over it? Taking law in your own hands. I read a thread based on a forward a person was talking about his brother who committed suicide, the guy talked badly about a girl who accused the deceased of a crime. While I read the comments most people didnt flinch to talk shit about the girl. Few days before that her post had appeared with same propaganda. The reason why I call this a propaganda is because many people get hurt in this. Everyone should realise-

While the news can be anything from famous actors death to a conspiracy. Stop providing it a flame when the truth is you cannot know. It is like Shrödinger’s cat. There is a chance that it is true and also a chance that it isn’t true. Don’t need to fuel the fire nor do you need to be a standby individual getting entertained over someones misery. Let it be in the hands of law.

Personal attack

I think these are very common everywhere people talking bad about others or pry on their private lives. Trying to get entertained off someone else’s misery. Such people are just waiting for others to fall and hit the floor.

The more the people become like that the more lack of humanity is present, internet should not be a court for declaring someone wrong or right to be punished by defaming them. I guess many people do misuse internet for such means. This may be a drama for some but in real life this happens to others. It affects mental health which is beautifully acted by Oh Yeon-Seo.

Breaking stereotypes

Accepting a person’s personal choice. When a crime in neighbourhood occurs the women’s association take up night patrolling and find a man of same description and apprehend, fortunately our ex-police officer is able to vouch for his neighbours innocence. While women question the suspect over cross dressing.

Lee Sang Yeob giving Hwi Oh makeover

I like how Hwi Oh is more liberal than his society. He doesn’t accept when rumours are sparked. He sticks up to his friend Samantha who likes cross dressing. He even goes undercover cross dressed to catch a criminal only to be called a pervert by their neighbours. I really like his character, when he is just an acquaintance in Min Kyung’s life he listens to her pain. He even supports her, is there whenever she needs him. He tends to get angry at how much other’s have hurt her. Everyone brings out their own flavour to this drama.

While people think it may not be the case but even today people tend to bully another individual by their choices, the way one dresses, the way one behaves or the habits they acquire. I hate the fact that maximum people just stand by and watch as a person has a meltdown caused by their remarks and criticisms. Our mental health is made strong by even just one person who is there for us when the world behaves in a nasty way.

Abusive Relationship

Min Kyung goes through a relationship which she thinks is like one of the fairytales. Only to find out one day she was with a cheater, lying arsehole who hurt her. Idk why K-dramas show that the naive one is the one who gets tortured for the crimes of the guy? The guy is married and only the woman is accused of being the mistress!? Sure many people do that in knowing so but why can’t people accept it for what it is? If a person is cheating with two people the person who cheats is responsible. I can’t even lash out as Adultery is no more a crime in this country. *Face Palm*.

She gets abused for having suffered from heartbreak to getting beaten up by the guy whom she thinks she is in love with…! This is the reality most women face in domestic violence. I really wonder what laws protect women as many people are killed by such heinous monsters. Not only does the man beat her up, but his mother also tries to manipulate and stalk her for coming to a settlement. It doesn’t end there! No no! She then goes on to say he will change and you two can get married!! What sort of cruel upbringing brings up such a family? With no guilt! No repentance on one’s own action! And supporting such people!

This series is new to the notion of not just bringing a fictional lovey-dovey romance but focusing on real-world problems an individual faces.

A Woman living alone

While many developed countries won’t think it is a big deal but it is a way bigger deal than ever. A woman alone gets easily preyed upon by such heinous people. A woman who has self-sufficient is deemed as a misfit and frowned upon by society. As she doesn’t follow the path of others. She is all alone to defend her own honour.

It is even shown that how easy it has become to stalk someone and hurt someone as easily. In real life many harm women and get away with it. That’s the reality of my country. The rising of women crime is not what angers me. Despite laws, there are still awful crimes happening, I am not aware of the strictness of the laws of Korea but in India, it is basically not igniting any horror for the criminal. I just feel extremely sad that women need such people who support them. Who looks out for them, in real life the reality becomes a life where Min Kyung never meets Hwi Oh. That’s reality, women who are abused and hurt over and over tend to get a more messed up crowd. That’s why it is so painful to watch her go through it.

Following your Dreams

While doing many many part-time jobs, from being a shopkeeper to a waitress, working in a bar and café. This woman does it all while studying for becoming a police officer. While having to try to have a safety net she sings and gets popularity over her real talent. It is so essential to have someone push you to follow what you really are good at than doing something for the rest of your life, a job you may not be good at. Su Hyun is a beautiful woman who does it all. This is the kind of character one should be like. It does not mean taking up responsibilities like a burden but rather taking control of your own life, own finances and your career.

Women’s association club

Women’s association club

While they may look like typical gossiping women they are the essence we need. They not only keep the neighbourhood safe but also bring out the society together. Their meddling does help bring Min Kyung’s defaming post down. I really liked how they root for Min Kyung and Hwi Oh. While they may believe in the pretence of Min Kyung’s ex’s mother they do get help from Lee Sang-Yeob.

A huge takeaway from the series is that in the most painful times we can get support, a guide. Who can be there through tough times, their existence may not change our situation but it can make it much less painful.

The whistle he gifts her for calling him whenever she needs help. I think every school and college student and woman should carry it. We should become a society that doesn’t look the other way when one calls for help. The society that protects people from bullying and harm.

I sincerely mean it after watching a lot of dramas I think they should make more dramas like these. I even felt same for Itawon Classes.

My love to you all.

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