So Contagious

I want to embrace this post in a different way. I really see a vast difference in people post technological advancement. And I think I understand the difference in behaviour but I wish I could change that.

Previously I thought it was because of Covid 19 but now I see it isn’t so. I have realised what has caused it and why we need to change it.

Today everyone has a mobile even if they don’t have the utilities required for survival. Phone used to have only one purpose. Bringing people together for communicating in a better way, a convenient way for communicating from anywhere in the world.

But has this kind of advancement distanced ourselves from making real relationships? Has it made a big impact on bringing rudeness out of people? Creating new level of distress to our mental health?

I was watch a very old drama. It was maybe early 2000s, I felt a very different vibe as I reminiced into what was and what it is now.

I can tell a lot of differences and how they have impacted all our lives.

Before mobile phones there were telephones. They were wired to a cable which you could not take anywhere. The plus side was that you spent more time living in your present than chattering away on phone. Phone bills were pretty hefty at that time. Maybe it is like postpaid calls. None the less people communicated when necessary and other times they spoke to people around them. It was a balance between a life one was living and a different closer world of communication.

Today Kindness is depleting, I have travelled across the world and met a lot of people. In many countries if some people relocate to a new place, chances of becoming lost and helpless, if you have no one you know (for n number of reasons). But today in your own country many individuals face being lost because there is so less of humanity. The virals may have taken over but we need to focus on making kindness important again.

Selfless acts of kindness

If someone walks around you and has trouble finding where it is be polite and help them out.

If a person stuck and needs help lifting a lot of supplies, you give them a helping hand.

Greeting people with a smile.

Getting to know people surrounding you and listening to them.

Hold the door or an elevator for someone.

Bringing homemade food for your colleagues who miss their home.

Giving seat to an elderly, a pregnant women or anyone who needs it more than you do.

Allowing someone to go first while ordering.

Recycling old and unused items. It may not have politeness in it but you make a contribution in reducing trash.

Having warm welcoming aura to strangers, everyday you have choice of being either rude or kind. No matter what kind of people you interract with. They may be harsh people and you may be surrounded by many of them but you get to decide to either let it influence you or you spread kindness and make it so contagious that each time anyone remembers you they remember your kindness.

Giving your food to the needy and stray animals. While many seasons and well pandemic impacts on livelyhood of other being. You can simply start small. Put water on a bowel for birds.

If you see a starving animal give them food and water. If you see it is raining heavily give them shelter. Your few moments of spared time will bring a major difference.

If you see someone needs help, is calling for help don’t just stand by do something.

Making a habit of cleaning old clothes and giving them to someone who doesnt have one.

Sharing food with your colleagues or friends.

Doing something for someone else without asking for anything in return.

I see that many people dont help, many just keep walking or just standby. I believe there is a potential in each and everyone of us.

We can make kindness so contangious that for years to come it becomes our legacy carrying it forward to another.

I have experienced kindess both in and out of the country. I remember when I was traveling from New Orleans to New Jersey a man helped me by letting me make a call on his phone. Many people help out giving directions.

A rickshaw wala telling me to take care after long tiresome days spent working in covid.

People helping out when my two wheeler would break down. Many helped when I fell countless times or had an accident.

A communication does not necessarily mean talking. It can flow through a simple act of kindness.

Thank you for reading. Hope you have lovely day.

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