Detective/ Crime thriller series to watch

I have spent years and years bing watching thrillers. And I seriously have come to a dead end.

Sometimes the story is so gripping one keeps wanting to watch as it feels as though I might miss out a lot. My FOMO has made me go back and I made a list of things to watch. If anyone knows amazing series. Please do comment below.

I have yet to explore many other languages but well. So far so good. Some of them are so good. I feel like I can watch them forever. But sadly they are so unique one cannot compete.

Sometimes I do find some series do have bad acting. But then again I can’t complain I love the stories and the actors in it. While some are watchable others are very scary. Watch according to your own stomach.

Here is my list:

1. Dexter (2006)

It is weird when you start rooting for a serial killer who kills part time and other time he is just a forensics team, blood spatter analyst for the police department.

Dexter Morgan is sort of weird. Kind of like umm TEOFW but in a raised by a police officer way. This whole series went down under in the end. But throughout it never stopped disappointing.

Warning there is a lot of red paint and plastic bags to look out for. At first when it was famous I really tried not to watch. I sort of hate watching something so hyped but then again. Tonight’s the night!

2. Karamchand (1985)

Karamchand, a detective, along with his assistant, Kitty, solves various criminal cases. He uses different methods of deduction and logic to catch criminals. Pankaj Kapoor was famous for this when it aired on Sony. I was quiet young. I really enjoyed his series.

3. Mindhunter (2017)

I have been fan of Jonathan Groff since Glee. But I never thought he would take part in a thriller. FBI agent Holden Ford is acted beautifully by him. It is like Criminal minds but the understanding of behaviour from criminals into why they do it and how their mind works. While having few murderers interviewed. It is gripping as to how his life is affected by it. I hope there are more seasons to come.

4. Marcella

It is a series based on a Detective struggling between family and crime and her own mental health. Marcella played by Anna Friel struggles as well as focuses on her job while putting her family life drifting apart. This is a british version of Swedish/ Danish series called “The Bridge”. I have no watched that one yet. But since this one was available. It is gripping. One keeps watching to understand what this character is about and how she gets through her life. It is interesting.

5. Tunnel (2017)

This is a Korean detective series with a supernatural twist. It sort of involves living two lives past and future.

Detective Park Gwang Ho follows the trail of a serial killer 30 years into the future and teams up with detectives in that time period to find the culprit. I how it sounds but I really like Korean story telling and cinematography. Sometimes their thrillers are very ruthless.

6. Byomkesh (1993)

Byomkesh Bakshi is a Bengali Detective and a truth seeker who takes on spine-chilling cases with his sidekick Ajitkumar Banerji. Byomkesh identifies himself as Satyanweshi meaning ‘truth seeker’ rather than a detective. This is a series of Byomkesh’s adventures of crime solving.

7. The Killing (2011)

Sarah Linden is a detective who is trying to solve a murder of a young girl. With each episode the truth is twisted further and further away.

The series extremely slow I would say. But very intense. It takes a lot of patience to get to the killer. Joel Kinnaman was my ride for months I would say. Series can be a bit too dragging at times. I felt that for later season.

8. The Mentalist

Patrick Jane is a quack for living. Taking blinded miserable people into believing in the after world. Sort of a like a scam “ I can talk to ghosts”. While being successful conman he somehow entangles himself onto a serial killer. Later because of his unconventional predictability he becomes an independent consultant for CBI (pun. CBI is present in India different abbreviation) California Bureau of Investigation . While catching killers he aims to bring down the murderer alis Red John. This series is pretty cool.

9. Fargo

Absolute favourite. Fargo is well Martin Freeman’s Minnesotan accent Yeah. Yeah. And well yeah there is a detective. Yeah it is like the movie but even more amazing. Yeah based on Coen Brothers. Okay now I am done. The quote in the beginning makes this series surreal. The villains are more powerful and real heinous. Making their characters equally pleasing to watch.

10. Killing Eve

I had to kill you

I’m really sorry

I had to do it

Gotta go on my own…

The song kept playing in my head even without having Eve around. Killing Eve has another level of psychotic killer. A very Villanellous thing. An assassin who forms an interest in Eve, who is bent on tracking her down for a lot of crimes. And it is written by Pheobe Waller-Bridge.

I really am thirsty for good thrillers. Please comment down below if you know any.

I conclude part one of my list. Yes there is more. You think I would leave out more amazing series? I do think someday when I rewatch them. What’s say I break them down and write my reaction to each.

Thank you for reading. Have a thrilling day.

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