What if… episode 2

Gosh! I THINK I feel happy again.

Spoiler ahead!

I am in tears of joy. What can I say, I always feel that everything has a consequence. And same goes for episode 2.

Dedicated to our friend, our inspiration, and our hero

Chadwick Boseman

My favourite marvel solo hero movie is Black Panther. And I really felt goosebumps. A feel good vibe for some reason from this episode. I also feel pain that we lost our Wakandan King, T’challa.


Our Starlord is none other than T’Challa. A quick witted and famous Ravager. Yandu’s men went to earth but because of Vibranium they pick up T’Challa.

He is a man full of grit and perseverance. He is like Robinhood even strong enough to sway Mad Titan into giving up his plan of genocide.

T’Challa even as starlord doesn’t stop shining. His qualities of persuasion even lead thanos to give up his grand plan. Which means many worlds were saved. Even Drax’s family is alive. He is not just words but full of charisma. He even befriends Korath the pursuer.

At this point I really feel, Yandu has forgotten about Peter Quill and Ego’s plans. He loves T’Challa like Mary Poppins, Y’all. Just kidding that scene isnt in here. I think Yandu is just that lonely nobel person who wants to raise a kid. I wonder where is Gamora? Lol umm also missing Mantis, Rocket and baby Groot.

We get to see the difference in influence literally and figuratively. Peter is like a goofy walkman listening moron. He can be a celestial but T’Challa is a king even while being a thief.

He is even tries to unite Thanos and Nebulla. It’s like normal parent child duo. Where a parent brags and child is annoyed by the way they behave.

Yandu tells T’Challa a lie that his home was destroyed. T’Challa firstly comes out of Wakanda for going onto a “new adventure.” And he finds one indeed.

I really wonder what happens to other’s? Because everything can’t be merrier, can it?

After he steals the Orb, he meets up with Nebula and Ravager crew. She tells him a plan about stealing an item from the Collector which can feed the entire galaxy.

The plan goes south when T’Challa is captured and Nebula double crosses, in-debted to the Collector. T’Challa gets captured as well as the Ravagers.

It is so unbelievable to see Thanos along the good side.

Soon after The Collector and T’Challa battle. the most interesting thing is that every marvel weapon is just sitting in his collectable items.

It’s weird how Teneleer Tivan looks so buff and has everything! including Thor’s hammer, Capt’s Shield and even Hela’s Crown, which looks awesome on him btw. I DIDN’T THINK ANYONE CAN PULL IT OFF AS CATE BLANCHETT BUT MAN HE DID IT! Everything of this episode was amazing.

Nebula returns to Ravager’s aid and let’s them know everything was part of the plan.

Yandu really is a mother in his past life. He is the best mother I would say. He always cares for his boys, raises them and always protects them.

T’Challa goes back to Wakanda.

But the most mind blowing ending was…

Ego found Peter!!! Omooooooooo!!!! I didn’t see that coming. This is like watching Thanos wipe half the planet out but in the most soft blown way

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