Flower of Evil

Spoilers Ahead!

I saw this series last year. I was mesmerised and I still think it is a South Korean masterpiece. Please South Korea make such thrillers often.

Here is the trailer, I am pretty sure I saw other trailer on Netflix. And I went ahead and watched it. I haven’t regretted it ever since.


I think most K-dramas are manga based or variations but yet all are cheesy romantic dramas. The element of realness goes missing at times. Because it is all too glamourised, well most movies are now a days. But it is made in recent times so appreciation is must! This underrated drama will surpass all the trendy dramas.

Lets begin now.

Story and thoughts

Baek Hee-Sung is a metal craftsman, a good house and a workshop, a beautiful wife and cutest daughter. This seemingly perfect life is soon to unravel itself. Hee-Sung has a hostile family towards his wife. He is different in front of his wife and kid and all together different in front of his parents.

He is like a magician playing hot and cold being extremely calculated and yet appearing completely oblivious. Hee-Sung apart from his craftsman ship harbours a concealed past. Everything is concealed even his real identity.

Baek Hee-Sung is really lying in a secret room in his family’s house hooked to a ventilator and vital monitoring device. So who is this person impersonating life of Baek Hee-Sung? Living this perfectly rich life?

I will leave you with this mystery as of now. Cha Ji-won is his wife, she is a detective and a loving family member. She loves her husband as well as daughter. She believes in giving her best in investigating crime. Her personality seems to waver as she has no clue whom she is actually married to, she tries hard to get on good side of his parents but fails each time. The charade of this unpleasantness is brought by her husband himself. And he must protect his identity from her at all cost.

While investigating a murder similar to those of a notorious serial killer, Do Min Seok. A gruesome murderer with a pattern of killing. Though his whereabouts are unknown in the present.

While hinting his cunning calculated behaviour our husband of the year does follow his patterned behaviour day by day. He shows love and nurture to her daughter as well as cares for the wife. When he is by himself, he hints that there is a lack of genuineness to his behaviour. Most behaviour is pulled off of learned behaviour. Well orchestrated to appear as a normal human being.

While investigating Ji-won is caught in a turmoil, as she comes face to face to her husband’s long hidden secret. But the real difficult or should I say rather disturbing question she faces is whether her husband is a serial killer.

Do Hyun-su is a good person, he lacks emotions and is confused towards his identity. He also keeps seeing his dead father. Hallucinating him wherever he goes as a post traumatic experience.

Do Hyun-su is none other than the husband we grow to love. A boy so troubled that he is unable to differentiate between his own reality and his secret. Do Hyun-su is plays the role of Baek Hee-Sung in the series. The story is extremely twisted and the fascinating part is that it is a well made thriller.

His actions and his behaviour swings more faster than a pmsing women. His shifty behaviour constantly makes us suspect whether he is a killer or a good man.

In his childhood he suffers as the town people suspect him of being a killer. As his father is known as the serial killer. His mother abandoning his family and he and his sister being the only people around to accept the punishment of the society makes him grow with an unhealthy condition. He constantly lives and hallucinates his father when the towner’s harass and bully him. This constant abuse takes a toll on him and he grows up having antisocial personality disorder or so the psychiatrist diagnoses. He lacks emotions so he watches videos to learn how to fake his emotions.

His father’s shadow living inside of his brain is the one thing he fears as he wonders if he will give into his command and commit a murder. Hyun-su is unaware of his father’s true nature but his sister is well aware.

He always wonders whether it is true or not as the truth is unknown to him. He suffers a traumatic experience and is nearly about to kill a bully who was attacking him.

He choses to run away and is run over by the real Hee-sung.

The twisting part is that Do Min Seok was really the serial killer and his protégé was none other than Baek Hee-sung.

Hyun-su changes his identity and comes across Ji-won who falls in love with him the moment they meet. She is unable to move away from him. His seemingly cold unwelcoming personality and yet hidden kindness seen through his actions makes her wonder if he feels the same.

Unbeknownst to her, he keeps coming around as his hallucinations start fading away. Making him live a normal life for once. For all the pain he suffers from his childhood makes him numb but when she enters his life does change. He doesn’t understand that he is too busy protecting his charade, but she fills his life with love and nurture. The love and kindness he rightfully deserved since his childhood.

The fact that he cares for her starts from lying. Fake it till you make it. His personality hinders him from realising that he does love his family. He protects his daughter when she gets hurt he steals a doll to get even with the child who beat her up. He protects Ji-won in a heartbeat, when heavy garage equipment is about to fall on her when she is struggling to fight “Hyun-su” when she doesn’t know who he is. He keeps them away from his past life as he feels it would end his marriage life. The picture perfect family which has helped him keep his past behind.

Unknown to him, his wife is way ahead of him and gets to know that her husband is pretending to be this and digging a little deeper. She is puzzled by her lifetime of experiences with him. And the rumours of his true identity.

She basically pushes him to go south. Back in the dungeon experiencing the trauma he lived in his childhood. At every step their bond is getting lose. The reason why he is protecting the secret for this long is that. There was a murder that occurred later after Min-Seok’s death.

The murderer was none other than Do Hae-soo, his older sister. He takes the blame letting the town and the reporter or anyone believe he killed the person but it was to protect his sister.

Midway in the series I want to say to Hyun-su, kya killer banega re tu…

He is called psychopath because he is unable to show any emotions. Half the series he is crying and weeping. Disorder my foot! I still love you but it is a way of saying perfectly acted role.

At this very moment he defines his own self. He is unable to understand his wife’s actions. Unable to understand that she knows about his past, knows he is a possible suspect a killer. But still keeps protecting him, keeping his secret intact and letting him escape. He is able to piece together that all his wife’s actions were a clue that she knows.

Kid’s take a note! Never lie to a women, we are born sleuths. We can smell the truth out.

The fact that they are well together. Him being broken and she putting him together piece by piece with time. Creating a better person, he has insight, he is unreasonable at times but it is understandable with the circumstances he went through. I love you both. May there be another season of Flower of evil.

Truth be told my boy Hyun-su ain’t having anything other than post traumatic stress disorder. His hallucinations are the effect of people orchestrating a ‘judgement’ on him, pushing him off the edge and creating this false image inside his head that he is abnormal.

Lee Jong-gi and Moon Chae-won have chemistry which is off the charts. They made me fall in love with them. And their beautiful baby, Eun ha. She is so damn cute. Her cuteness makes my heart melt.

The bond between him and her is literally amazing. He spends time with her. He teaches her what to do when she feels life seems unfair and none the less love her a lot.

There is no cheesy pickup lines or annoying aeigo. This is like a regular husband and wife, but this is a bit extreme as she loves him even when she suspects he has murdered someone.

Their storyline goes a bit jagged after Hee-sung wakes up. But I loved it, it kept me guessing what is real and what isn’t.

The question is…

Is a killer? Or isn’t he? Will this past interfere into making his decisions when his identity is revealed. Will he choose crime or will he accept his new life? For that my friend watching the series.

Thank you for reading.

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