오징어게임 (SQUID GAME) Ep 2


Ep 2


It starts off with a creepy music playing, the furnace burning and bunch of coffins gift wrapped getting incinerated, in one of the coffin someone moves, trying to get out despite that it is sealed shut.

Gi-hun thanks (no. 218) Sang-woo and (199) Tripathy. The square Rmm returns to announce the elimination of 255 players. They all look worried as that many lives are claimed in this greed to win the prize. A women called So-young (no. 212) starts pleading for her life to repay them what they owe. Many join in and square head Rmm explains they are not debt collectors. Most players are horrified and plead to forfeit but the Rmm let’s them know about the clause mentioned which they sign. Sang-woo recites 3rd clause they let 201 players to vote after showing them the cash prize they earned by winning first game.

Doesn’t it feel like giving temptation to a child before telling them to choose? Here the children are adults who are completely broken people. The one who is willing to join this game instead of working hard simply shows that they are well chosen individuals. Chosen at the weakest point for the lamb to get slaughtered.

Everyone’s votes are split in half after contemplating the money sitting above them. The voting starts from last player to first one. Half vote ‘no’ and other half ‘yes’. What! BS man! Sang-woo (218) votes yes even though he is the one who mentions the 3rd clause. What is wrong with him? The voting comes to a tie with last vote being casted by the elderly who terminates the game. People are thrown off the van tied with blind fold on, in their undergarments left in the middle of the street. Gi-hun is tossed with the pickpocket who loosens her tie’s by Gi-huns help. He promises to not take revenge if she sets him free. She does and he starts asking for money the minute she unties him.

Sang-woo is left with no. 199 at Yeouido, he asks for a phone call. Sang-woo gives him food and phone to call before getting a buzzed phone with messages of Subpnoea from police.They converse and 199 lets him know he lives in Ansan. He also gives money to 199 for his return home. I checked online it’s 39 kms by driving distance. No wonder, he lends him money.

Gi-hun goes to police station to tell them about all what has happened at this game. The policeman are unable to believe him after he calls the number which appears to be picked up by a women who gets confused by what they ask.

At least he tried.

Gi-hun leaves the card to the police and tries dialling the same number which appears to not exist. Hwang Jun ho (Wi Han-joon) is a police officer who is walking by and sees the card. Gi-hun returns to an empty home and Sang-woo watches over his mother. Gi’s mother is in hospital and ha an infected diabetic foot. Doctor suggests amputation with no money in their hands. She walks off as though nothings happened.

Jun ho goes to investigate his brother’s disappearance finds his place empty with the coffin like gift box with the card in it. (The coffin from game is of same colour as the box so coffin box). Sae-byeok visits an orphanage and feeds her little brother who wonders if their parents abandoned them, she comforts him. Jun ho enquires about Gi-ho at the station while no.199 – Ali (Anupam Tripathy) heads to work for getting paid in the factory office. He shows off his severed fingers and demands money for his unpaid wagers of 6 months. Tsk I feel you. It sucks working hard and not seeing a single amount while working ass off and being treated awfully by ungrateful people. The office head eyes the money in an envelope and refuses to pay. They argue and Ali accidentally pushes him toward the machine. His hands are crushed into the machine just like Ali’s and Ali takes the cash envelope and makes a run for it. Our pick pocket arrives at an agency and is ripped off by the person to find out her parent’s location. She pickpockets him after threatening and leaves.

Sang-woo’s contacts his mother who is later visited by police who are there to arrest him for running a financial fraud. His mother is baffled and has no clue on what her son is doing all this time, he is about go commit suicide. I am unsure of this though, maybe he just drink off in depression. There is smoke burning in the bathtub with him drinking and smoking while being soaked in bathtub. He is visited by a doorbell with the same game card with time, date and location. Ali bids goodbye to his wife and son, asks her to go away for a while. Giving her all the money he stole, Gi-hun is desperate to borrow money from his betting partner whose wife refuses to help him. Gi-hun co-incidentally meets player 1 at convenience store who is visiting a friend. Player 1 lets him know that he will go back to the game. Gi-hun gives it a thought.

What a load of crap!! Did they not witness deaths of a lot of people. Who signs up for a death experience? This old man is very creepy, he has dementia and yet he remember’s Gi hun. Suspicious! I get it all of them are desperate for money but why not work hard? why not use straight means?

Deok-su is extorting money, he asks his right hand guy to bring guns for him. The guy ambushes Deok-su by setting him up, telling him they will sell his organs for settling for the amount of money, he owns Deok stabs the guy to death and he then runs off the bridge jumps off to save himself.

I have noticed while watching multiple horror themed movies or dramas. Why is life in South korea sounding so terrible? Itawon class, Parasite, Office, The Penthouse, Hyena… multiple movies and series talk about social issues like being bullied, political agenda’s to bring other down, bringing people to their knees, scammed, beaten to a pulp and loan sharks destroying personal belongings. I know they are just movies or series but to some extent it does get shown quite often. I even saw this movie long ago called Voice of a murderer, the movie depicted that people are preyed upon by fraudulent call into extorting lot of money until the person is left bankrupt. I think we can say the world has become a terrible place to live with people committing a lot of crimes and terrorising peoples lives with their actions. It’s a terrible thing isn’t it? No matter how rich or poor, people resorting to crime. Their actions consequences are paid by others. But it would be unfair to say it is limited to any country, town or people. It’s worldwide and increasing everyday that’s why it is terrifying.

Gi goes to his ex wife. Wife starts throwing rants saying he never even paid for child support or gave alimony. She refuses to give him money saying she is broke. Kids and husband come home to find the two arguing. The husband pays Gi money , he accepts and the husband tells him to leave his family alone. Gi beats him and throws money back at him and ga-yeong watches this. Gi walks back home to see Jun. Gi denies everything he said before and refuses to help Jun. He goes back to spot the card. Everyone of them stand in the middle of night to enter the van in an empty street. The van drives off and Jun starts tailing them.


They all come to their senses after looking at the flip side of the coin they accepted. They all plead but after looking at the money. Half of the greedy ones still want to continue. How psychotic one has to be to play a game that offers killing players. NO NO how psychotic one has to be to vote yes after knowing what it has to offer.

A glimpse of each of the main protagonists life is shown all except for player 1. I feel sad for North korean kids, being young and the ones to make tough decisions at this age and going through hardships.

I really get pissed off at Sang-woo because he really becomes a criminal way before he enters the game. He isn’t feeling any guilt but thinks playing the bloo money game is better than jail time.

Ali is seriously in trouble. He should have gone to police for not getting his salary for the work he did. I am just supposed to assume that there is no higher up that genuinely helps people?

Gi somehow manages to have his pride after gambling his life on the line. I am getting annoyed by everyone honestly.

I love Jun’s character he is a police out for investigation but knowing the bloodshed shouldn’t he take the superior’s or a partner with him? Is money so important that it costs human lives?!

Voting no was a sensible choice, going back in is like willingly jumping in lion’s den.

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