Women Empowerment

Powerful words, aren’t they? Being a women myself, I can understand the struggles of being a women in this world.


I may be talking about a not so sensitive issue in this world, be it past, present or ongoing. If you feel triggered, I suggest don’t read ahead.

Taken from online. Dont hate me for it.

There are ill treatments all around us, we just don’t see it as wrong. There is an Indian movie of Rani Mukherji where she disguises as a boy to play in Indian cricket team. I am not gonna talk about the movie, there is a scene in which the recruiting people treat her badly, like a weakling, not willing to give her a chance saying she is a women. At the end of it, they come across a goddess walking by and they stop by to bow down and take blessings. She remarks that they are willing to think that a goddess, a deity being a women is powerful and yet treat a real living one as weak and treat her unfairly.

I understand why women empowerment became a necessity. In times people treat women as a object. Object of gratification, a toy to be used, mistreated and everything is justified. It starts with a young age. She smiles and man o man that means she is trying to seduce an old man probably thrice her age. She begins to walk and talk and people look at her as a source of entertainment where relatives come by and ask her to show her talents.

She is made to learn cooking as she is meant only for the kitchen. She is asked to be polite and kind despite others preying on that kindness. She is told to respect elders, whether they do so or not that’s never made a fuss about. The power play and the games begin at an early age and she is told to be quiet. When she grows up she wears what she fancies. It’s for her own self she thinks. The society starts shaming her for just a piece of clothing she wears. From the length of skirt, to the size of her waist everything is measured while there are boys running around half naked.

She walks around the neighbourhood to grow healthy to protect her health and remain active. It is seen as a women who wears tight clothing running around.

She reaches her teen years. She is pre-decided to marry off a boy whom she has never seen or spoken to, she is married off without anyone ever asking her permission.

She is sized up everyday by the mother in law or in laws and husband to what value she holds which is just to work his laundry and cook. She has to ask permission over for where she goes, what she buys and everything she does. Living in a depressed state of what has become a prison she raises her kids.

Then there is another, whose husband just passed away and she is made to shave her head, wear nothing but white or sit beside her deceased husband on the funeral pyre. I do not have anything against old customs but they practically killed a lot of women for a crime she didn’t commit. Thankfully people did come to their senses and banned Sati ritual.

Satti (image taken from internet)

She is made to beg for a life she always deserved. When at work people despise her because how can a female get ahead? She must have slept her way through it. In her personal life, every women has faced stalking, paranoia, eve teasing, catfished, sexual harassment of some kind and the list goes on.

Women even before being born are killed off by the unwilling in-laws who want a male child. Therefore a lot of female foeticide, Illegal abortions thats why they banned amniocentesis. Even then it still happens. Women who do take part are corrupted and brainwashed for a long time into thinking this is the only way bringing up such off springs who keep these great (sarcastic) thoughts for generations to come.

Women who lead a good life are married off to someone she loves or maybe arranged, then comes D word. Dowry the punishable offence which people keep on passing from generation to generation. Dowry is any property or valuable security given or agreed to be given by the bride to the groom or by the groom to the bride or. By the parents of either the bride or the groom or by any other person. At or before or any time after marriage. Dowry feels sounds like gifts right? I like how trivial things have escalated to take the worse turns. People kill women in the name dowry. A woman’s value goes tainted for eternity because this shitty upbringing and society has it’s evil thoughts. There is Dowry death, people burn or poison or kill women after getting or not getting. Even if she isn’t dead she is tortured everyday.

There is a term tossed twisted and bludgeoned around… Feminism. People who are uneducated towards what it means have turned it into men hating women. Women have been ill treated at many places, be it personal, professional or in any society. Why is it that only a women is treated so badly and it is considered a norm to pass it around?

Feminism is the belief in full social, economic, and political equality for women. It means that she has the right to get equal job opportunities and much more. Women who hate men are entitled to their opinions but it has nothing to do with feminism whatsoever. Now that I have made some points. I want you to understand it in woman’s shoes. Even if she doesn’t go through above mentioned extremes in life. She never has it easy. She has to always watch her own back. She has to question herself most times because of society’s righteous beliefs (Sarcasm).

I am not dismissing that even women can be cruel and horrible. Doing awful things but that doesn’t mean that these things people should put a blind eye on it. Women are raped every 5 mins. I am not critiquing the country because this is a global issue. It’s not even the law. There are laws but there is lack of i don’t know if its belief or there is lack of justice being delivered.

I’ll give you an example. All the illegal doings I have mentioned above. They are punishable by law, do they get punished? Does having a law stop people from committing such heinous crimes? I love how artists use their talent and skill to talk about rape, sensitive issues where women are blamed, shamed and well. mentally, physically and emotionally hurt by society itself. You think these offences cannot occur in developed countries? Go watch Ted talk, there are women who suffered in cult, by hands of their own family, by their own people or just anyone. People get moved, tweet about it, post about it and yet they look away when it comes to helping out someone who is wronged.

Coming to what my point was, women empowerment was to give women of any socio economic status or age or anything you differentiate them on.

Women’s empowerment is promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.

Why does it matter? It’s to sensitise women that they are not helpless. They do not deserve horrible treatment. Women deserve love, growth and happiness.

Women anywhere out there, if you are reading this. You are kind, you are amazing and you are powerful.

I want to cue some notes in the educational belief’s or maybe just few changes for you to believe in or start believing in.

1. Respect the elders, your brothers, strangers and family etc. but Respect yourself before you respect others. If your respecting other who treats you badly is putting your own respect to the ground don’t do it.

2. Learn to say “No”. Make it your favourite word. Anytime you feel uncomfortable remove yourself from such an environment. Walk away from it or just stay firm to your decision.

3. If you suffer a harsh most environment. Seek a professional help who can guide you out of the toxic environment.

4. Learn Self defence. Take up a self defence training. Do’s and don’t, do enrol your children too.

5. Talk about sex education to both boy and girl. If you don’t know seek a professional help to talk about it.

6. If a women is being treated badly, don’t turn a blind eye. Sometimes she alone cannot face it. Don’t blame her. Don’t judge her or criticise her for being in that situation. Give active help.

Please do comment and let me know about any suggestions on how to tackle or make people aware about the issues women deal with.

Women empowerment aren’t just words they should be put in action. Any suggestions, advices are welcome. Do comment below to let me know.

Thank you for reading. God bless you. Hope you had a good day.

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