Lets go on an emotional rollercoaster with Inside Out

Inside out is about Riley and her internal emotions. I love how they have shown emotions as entities living in her head and their actions and reactions to how Riley faces every situation in her life from the time she is born. Spoiler’s ahead!

I think this movie focuses on emotions a lot and that’s why I love this movie. Every emotion is like a separate personality. There is Anger, Disgust Fear, Joy and lastly Sadness. I like how the movie is watchable and enjoyable for both adults and kids. I think they could have added more emotion personalities.

Joy is sort of self centred as she is the first emotion Riley feels. I really doubt that joy happens before because most of us cry when we are born. First cry is very important because that’s how we start breathing.

Joy shows her team of emotions but she is almost very self centred and gives herself too much importance from others and other emotions do let her do so. Joy shows a series of events and the internal emotions of Riley come out and play.

Fear being protective of Riley. When he holds onto the lever making Riley act cautious and extra careful.

Anger showering his frustration and rage by throwing a tantrum. I love how he is all red and fire coming out of head. Most cartoons used like fire coming out of their ears or getting all red and orange like a pressure cooker as a representation of anger and I like this representation too. He is dressed like an corporate office boss. Always angry.

Disgust’s role is like an alarm. She is green and her facial expressions say it all. So basically it’s like what we do when we feel those emotions but internally they are separate entities.

She feels alarmed right before something she perceives bad is about to happen and shows her disgust and dislike towards it. I specially love the colours they use to represent each emotion.

Joy the self important boss women who thinks without her the place would in chaos. She isn’t wrong but she isn’t right either.

I have seen the entire movie once so it’s the in all observations that the intense emotion of Joy. I find it intoxicating. She is lit up and beautiful with perky and colourful aura. She is the only emotion that glows unlike others. Anger does have a shine on the top of his head but it’s more like a lava than a glow.

After showing how the mind palace works. The emotional group is brought to a surprise that they will be moving and leaving to another place. Leaving feels disheartening to Riley but Joy never let’s sadness let her grief she is constantly trying to prevent sadness from holding on the lever.

Joy also talks about how each time she feels something that creates and builds a memory. Every memory is attached to an emotion. Each time we tend to recall something deeper. Joy shows the vault of core memories where all the happiness lies. Or so she says.

Joy is very disapproving of Sadness touching any memories or the lever. She explains that she has no idea what Sadness’s role is in Riley’s emotions. Sadness is sort of an outcast. She is sad and feels pain. She expresses and releases her own emotions by remembering something terrible or horrible. Joy tries to make Sadness only think about happy memories.

When Riley is moving due to it being a new experience they all are confused for a moment but each time Joy is given the limelight to save the day. She sort of doesn’t let chaos come in.

I love how each situation or perception of situation makes Riley feel all these emotions but at some point they let Sadness stay away from taking control of Riley’s emotions.

This makes me laugh a bit because a person once told me there are two sorts of people emotionally driven and other practical and rational. I have a different opinion. Being emotional fool is different from being emotionally expressive. One can have a practical rational mind and also have healthy emotions. It shouldn’t be choose one side because either one is an extreme.

Having an emotion is a human tendency. We help others because we genuinely like it. We tend to sometimes go overboard and care for others and for difficult situations which arrive. We develop from each year of growing up on the choices we make and what decision to make. This movie only focuses on emotions and never on the decisions at least in the beginning.

We all have emotions. I don’t know if you like expressing emotions. I love expressing everything even my depression. In the beginning Joy is trying to shove away Sadness by telling her not to touch anything or she will turn everything she touches sad. It’s almost like she is bullying her. I have met people who only love happiness and positivity and blah blah blah. I find it bullshit, we all have emotions. The good, the bad and the worst and everything in between. Pretending that things are okay when they aren’t. Always shoving optimism in the places where it isn’t required. It is like using a good thing and it like a jelly fish sting.

There are millions of people on this planet. Some love showing emotions while some bury them. Some have phases of emotional turmoil while others suppress and pretend they are full of Joy.

I love Sadness she is exactly how a depressed person feels “I am sorry, I don’t know what is wrong with me?”. Her wanting to touch her core memory is a metaphor that she wants Riley to express sadness and I love the sentence because she knows she shouldn’t but she wants to…

Most of us feel an emotion and many times orioles dictate and tell us that it’s wrong. I have seen it a million times. One example comes to my mind. A boy cannot cry because he is considered weak. I heard that and I was like wtf?! Every human being should feel open and express how they feel. Many guys are abused or slapped as a child and well girls aren’t beaten up, not that I know of… This society’s regressive thinking that a women is fragile because she is emotional and a man is tough because she shows none. I have known someone who said crying is a weakness.

I believe crying is a sign that you are overwhelmed. It can mean that you are hurt or it can mean that you are feeling disappointed. People do cry when they are happy, I think it’s the best feeling. Tears of joy… Pun intended, lol. Crying and sadness also represents strength. If one gets injured crying is releasing the pain. A person said to me why cry when it’s of no use. I said to myself, emotions don’t really have any use they are present to release something inside.

Sadness and Joy are like two flip of coins. One sees 9 and other sees 6. From their perspective stand point they are correct but from a wider angle it’s a different story.

After a lot of emotional chaos, I feel that every emotion and things in life should come to a balance. Not externally inside out. How you feel is internal, how you perceive is also internal. Outside is unpredictable and will always be constantly changing. Balance should be worked on and not obsessively hold onto. Tipping down or up always will never really make a person become emotionally stable.

I guess there are people who are bipolar who overly feel one way or the other way. We all have some issues in all forms be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. But I think this movie gives us an understanding that sadness is constantly poked and deemed as a downer. If you wouldn’t have two opposite entities existing life they wouldn’t have any meaning. I think life is created in such a way that every situation is a hurdle and going through them helps us live a meaningful life.

Joy tries to control Riley’s bad on going experience and hijacks her dream by adding a happy memory.

If we look closer, her emotions are directed and reacted by looking at the situation. Riley’s emotional group does see her parents being angry, sad and disappointed. She can sense their feelings but Joy only tried to focus on what she can do to brighten the dull place up.

The next day, Joy is psyched with over filled optimism and tries to give everyone assignments for the day for nothing to go wrong. By wrong means living an awful day and feel sad. I seriously dislike how she treats Sadness as though she is unimportant.

On the first day of class all the emotions play their parts and sadness also inevitably touches Riley’s memory. Riley starts introducing herself firstly in fear and then joy using her push to talk about her old school joys and as the memory is shared. Sadness touches the memory.

I think I understand what it means, when you live a wonderful moment and the moment is gone we tend to feel sad because we can no longer experience it again. Not the same anyway, it brings out emotions and thats what makes the memory become important. If it weren’t important we would never feel anything about it.

Joy is being a complete bitch here right now. Sorry for this language for a kids animated movie but she is just mean to her. I guess everyone does be that to a sad person again realistic representation.

When Joy is busy trying to take turn sad memory into good one. Sadness takes over the role and takes control over the levers. Riley feels sadness as a core memory and every other memory is shocked. They don’t intervene but they are surprised. Joy tries to get rid of Sad core memory which also is the same colour of Sadness, blue the colour often represents cold and sadness. Because the two fight about keeping the memory. They disrupt the core memory from its place and disconnect what is channeling her mind in place.

While collecting all yellow happy glow balls she tries to toss of sadnesses blue ball. Not cool man! Not cool. They both get sucked into the pipe which takes them to long term memory. Joy holds onto her glow balls while Sadness expresses agony over her mini islands being shutdown each of the island representing her personality. It being shut down, joy tries to fix the problem.

Have you ever noticed when you suppress sadness or suppress any of your emotions the reactions always come out different from your usual self. They never really come out in a good way, both for you and your surrounding. I love how they show that while Riley has her own command centre which is in chaos like any teenager has. The instant change in reaction from Riley is perceived properly by mom whose emotions are well established.

We get to see everyone in Mom’s emotional palace very organised with everyone having their equal position and role in using her emotional perception to bring out not a reaction but understanding. In Riley’s emotional turmoil everyone looks upto Joy for fixing problems while in mom’s they express their thoughts and Sadness is helping and taking the group to create a synchronous pattern of emotions. She realises that she would require help so she calls out to her husband without making it seem like she is calling out.

What she is trying to do is be a supporting parent to the newly changed behaviour she very perceptively and correctly judges.

On dad’s side…. I really laughed hard. The personalities of each person representing the person themselves. The dad’s emotional headquarters is run by anger who was distracted along with his team reliving the memory of hockey match. They realise that his wife is calling and because he wasn’t paying attention his mind goes onto the things which can create an argument.

Mom studying his face and realising he wasn’t paying the attention. Her emotions inside Disgust” he is making that stupid face again”. Anger “I could strangle him right now”. This is like a next level well thought out representation of life. How many times do we feel that men have their own bubble while woman have attention to every little detail and responsibility.

Mom’s sadness doesn’t let their emotions attack him in a reactive way instead she makes him focus on their daughter. I really love animator’s imagination and concepts of thoughts and reactions coming all in one place making a beautiful wonderful animation.

Mom’s emotions realise that because he wasn’t paying any attention he asks the same question. If he were paying attention he would have understood that his kid is upset but instead. Because both the father and kid is run by anger they lead it to an argument.

Gosh! What a relatable play. The child is not having her emotions in place both figuratively and animation wise. The dad has little to no understanding of the situation, because he lets anger as the head he thinks by winning an argument in his terms telling her to leave the run or ordering or trying to control her. His emotions think they did the right thing. But mom sees the bigger picture and knows that was bad.

She also uses her own memory of thinking a good looking man and having her emotions get distracted. This all was so funny.

Because Rileys mind is run by disgust, fear and anger she is not understanding and is feeling chaos. Her parents, mom has Sadness as a supportive and advisor. She is not running only on one emotion and their feelings to decide what to do or speak but she is mindful letting her sadness help guide every emotion to help her daughter out. In father’s view because Riley is showing rudeness and anger he is reacting with anger because thats what is running through his mind. But later on he does go and try to resolve.

It does seem most times that women understand thats why they are problem solvers more in a supportive way rather than bombarding and controlling way and men are driven by emotions too. They can be like child because instead of support they let their emotions run their family.

Riley’s emotions are derailed. With sadness and joy missing from her emotional guidance or having any core feeling to the already existing memory. Her islands start to collapse one by one. It’s a perfect representation of a person being shut down because they can’t understand what they are feeling or there is chaos within. While Dad tries to make her smile, because she feels nothing she doesn’t react the same way she did before.

Sadness is anticipating what can happen further. Her mini islands are representation of a healthy foundations. Laughing and being cheerful, family, friendship and her passion. I think honesty is more of a moral ground than an emotional foundation.

Point is that this part right here. An emotional shutdown and chaos is what happens when one feels depressed. The reasons can be driven by anything, for Riley it is leaving behind what she cherished the most. She connected childhood with only happiness because Joy never let Sadness let her have any memory of sadness and now she is in the dark. Moving to a new place which looks dull and small. Having no good new experiences and only constantly getting reminded how good it was before and it is not that way anymore.

Joy drags sadness along the long term memory lane until she gets completely exhausted. Emotional exhaustion… clever writing!

Joy spots Bing bong, an elephant-cotton candy-cat her imaginary friend.

Joy trusts the imaginary helper rather than listening to sadness who knows they will walk through abstract thoughts.

Because her emotions keep getting more and more chaotic she is unable to actually live in represent. Her interest in hockey was something she liked but because of her constant shift in mood she is unable to enjoy that.

With every attempt for happiness and joy to go back. Their time away makes Riley start losing interest in friendship and move further away. Running on fear, disgust and anger, these emotions make a bad decision to make Riley run away. By making her steal money and then becoming emotionally numb.

Joy in this journey to go back to the centre, realises that she only focuses on happiness and thinks that is the answer. Sadness tends to be very intellectual. She has the knowledge and map to go back up. She helps Bing bong when he feels like his memories will be gone. She uplifts him just by understanding how he feels rather than forcing joy into him.

Joy falls down trying to be selfish thinking a touch of sadness will ruin Riley. She falls in the pit of forgotten memories and Bing Bong makes her understand that there is no optimism in their situation. She hears Riley’s voice through the blue glow ball. The sad core memory which she discarded, when she sees it and starts looking at every forgotten memory she starts to cry. Joy for the first time lets herself feel sadness.

Bing bong brings optimism by using his cart which is powered by a song to go back up. In few tries Joy goes back up but he is left behind meaning she will permanently forget him.

Its the saddest part, Joy feels the loss of losing Riley’s imaginary friend. She knew what he meant but only by losing him she comes to senses what needs to be done. Joy tries to find her by remembering Sadness’s nature. She reaches headquarter with Sadness on the cloud.

Instead of being the OG I am the boss attitude for the first time Joy believes in Sadness and her power. Everyone is shocked towards this like before but they don’t really stop anyone.

Sadness takes over the control centre for the very first time with every emotion present in place.

The thing they insert in the control centre for making Riley behave more destructively, Sadness just brings it all in reverse. Making her regret and try reversing what she was about to do.

She runs back home and finds her parents worried. Joy realises in order to feel something she requires Sadness’s help. Rather than playing a happy memory, she gives sadness total control making every core memory express it in pain.

Feeling everything about her childhood in a way that she cherishes every single moment of them together. Right from the time she spends with her friends to the time she lives happily with a secure bond with her parents.

Riley breaks down and expresses her feelings in words for the first time. All this time she expressed feelings which were chaotic rather than using words, her emotions played a cascade of reactions. Joy thinking that she has lost by holding out to last memory to Sadness. Sadness instead of using it as a power play. Holds their hand on the control centre to make Riley feel happiness and calm in the moment after she expresses her dispair.

Their action leads Riley to have a new core memory which rebuilds the family foundation which was shattered. Now one can feel that her internal is responsible I think it is the regard of the family when the child has made a mistake and acted rashly. The family, both mom and dad feel how she feels and understand. This thing coming together giving a safe and secure feeling to express herself. Builds up the family foundation back up.

This is a beautiful animation narrative, beautifully written and well constructed. A person who doesn’t think this deeply would still understand that there is no meaning in a moment without Sadness.

And with Sadness and Joy in balance, one can start and rebuild their lost self again.

Life is beautiful, without the light there is no joy and without the shadow there is no importance of light. Life becomes meaningful when it is balanced within.

Thank you for reading hope you had a good day everyone

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