Inspector Koo

This is something new to my eyes and I am famished.

Episode one is the most chaotic episode for me as scenes would just happen with with no connection in between. I really really am in love with the soundtrack, it is like ecstasy, When I eat my chocolate pastry with the sound “Yeah” coming on. Koreans are very creative people and artistic when it comes to their diverse cinematography and music. I have been playing this song over and over on spotify. I am completely obsessed.

I think it goes very well with the entire theme. Spoilers Ahead!

Story and thoughts

Like I said before the first episode is very chaotic, I had to watch it 3 times to get the gist of it. Probably because I sometimes paint and watch dramas. Paying attention to only one thing. The story is shown in two parts both past and present, they keep cutting from present to past which is why I got confused.

In present, Kyung Yi Koo is a full time gamer and part time insurance fraud investigator. She lives in an untidy manner, unbathed, basically like an addict with nothing to hold back. She is addicted to games, alcohol, food and the thrill of solving fraud cases. She is very unconventional. I really feel her, when Je Hee tries to bribe her with new gaming set.

Je Hee and Kyung yi

I think I relate to her when she goes to a restaurant and barely having any energy. She blurts out words which are in auditable and not understandable, but when she sees the visual of food being cooked and eats the savoury food. She gets reenergised. How many times has my introvert version felt that? For some people coffee works. For me it’s food. No food in the body means always a dull energy. She helps out her colleague, Je Hee Na who has an understanding towards her extreme behaviour. Je Hee is desperate to seeks her help to crack a missing persons case. The missing person is presumed dead leading Kyung yi to suspect a possible insurance fraud. She goes all in, having nothing to hold her back. Je Hee adds a new member to their team, a colleague from office called Gyeong Su Oh. She dismisses him saying she doesn’t trust him at all and rather hires her online buddies.

As she leaves the house we spot Santa in the mask. He is stalking her and I don’t think she notices. To be fair he looks quiet-adorable.

Kyung Yi

I think she goes way overboard with everything. I don’t think she understands what trustworthy means. Just because she plays games with someone she confuses that with them being trustworthy.


Despite him being a complete stranger she hires the Santa guy. And keeps calling him by his gaming name. He is more than happy to help. She watches him from afar and wonders she didn’t imagine him looking like this. Santa uses an AI voice app for conversing. Appearing completely mute and having a kind nature. He is hired as her driver but instead he becomes an accomplice in her illegal ways of investigating.

She goes to the missing person’s wife’s house and asks Santa to steal their letters from their mailbox. Watching this comedic duo make me laugh in uncanny scenarios. She then proceeds to go to town gossipers and stalks the wife after receiving all the gossips. She then goes to church where she donates a lot of money while acting in extremes like those people who are crazy worshipers. Of course, thats all an act to gain attention. She even makes Santa take (steal) the money from the basket. He breaks into the house of the wife while the wife is kept distracted by her schemes.

Despite doing all the dirty deeds he is way too happy and sticks to her side. She then spots a monitor which records voices upto certain distance. Her imagination widens and she goes on a run and finds the hiding place of the missing husband. Recognising that it is indeed a fraud, fraud committed by the couple to have insurance money for paying for their daughters medical bills.

The far fetched lengths of the couple went to device a plan where he goes into hiding but he is caught by Kyung yi. He overpowers her and run towards another hiding place. Which after he goes in, suddenly a huge pile of dirt collapses blocking the door. Kyung yi tries to open the door to spot an already dead husband. The guy whom she chased just few mins behind. As she stands staring around, we see Yi Kyung with a binocular.

So how did he die? In flashbacks we see a girl whose name is Yi Kyung Song. She is quite the dramatic girl. She also appears unconventional and weird. She hides in a box to surprise her friend with kittens. Giving them for her birthday. they practice in drama club with the teacher around. Later after few days, Yi Kyung and her classmates find the cats murdered. Yi Kyung spots a food can and stares at the scene and deduces one kitten is missing. She also understands what is used to kill the cat.

Her friend suggests that she will kill the person who killed the poor cat babies. Yi Kyung literally takes it killing the person she suspected. The school janitor, she poisons him and stays outside his door to make sure he dies.

The next day their is a police officer who arrives to question the girls of drama club. We realise that Koo has met Song when she murdered the janitor in her school days. Koo used to be a police officer, coming full circle and crossing paths with a serial murderer who has the same level of intelligence as Koo.

Above- Kyung Yi and below Yi Kyung

Yi Kyung though now a college student, she spends most days having party and devising plans to create multiple murders to look like accidents. She is always one step ahead of Koo and Koo starts realising that Yi Kyung meets her because she wants to, deliberately causing her pain by bringing her husband up.

Yi kyung (K) is very sadistic but she appears like a over the top cheerful girl to her aunt. Just as Koo has a past, we see Yi Kyung’s past. As a child her parents go on a rampage, her father goes one step further and murders her mother. We see a dark shadow which makes Yi Kyung go into the woods. When police come at the crime scene, her aunt is distraught and worries about Yi Kyung who is later found. She is appointed a psychologist but I think she is very much traumatised by what she sees. Making her become a person who enjoys killing bad people. She thinks they deserve to die and so she goes on scheming and also has a fan following of people who will protect her because she murders the bad ones for them. She begins by finding people who are hurt by bad people, she listens to people who say they want the person a bully dead and does them a favour. She uses a black doll. A symbol for her masquerade, when she is not scheming murder. She works in theatre and like always she is overdramatic.

This series becomes a cat and mouse game between a serial killer and a person who isn’t a police officer.

We realise that the two female leads are quite competitive with each other.

The funny parts come and go as well as the serious ones.

This series focuses on the righteousness or insight of a person who wants justice but in a questionable way. I started to question myself after watching myself root for both of them. It’s weird. In recent episodes, it is very evident that Santa is the most mysterious person. He spikes her drinks. Though he cares for her to give her a head bath, clean up her place and chase K around. He even goes through landfills of trash to see if Koo has died when she free falls onto the garbage pickup truck.

He isn’t really mute and his intentions remain ambiguous of why he is stalking our not so good judgement making inspector Koo.

We see crimes being committed all around us, we read them in newspapers. I think Kyung yi kills those bad people because she doesn’t want the good ones to get hurt. But her actions derail and cause the death of her aunt. If you look at her perspective she just thinks that the law will let such people go and bully others or just not stop them from hurting others.

That’s why I question the sanity, that even Koo starts to wonder if Yi Kyung is a bad person or good one.

This also a blend of Dexter and The following but in a light way.

This episode Kyung yi went straight up Villanelle.

For now as the series is on going. I will keep my thoughts upto here. I will keep updating it after each episode.

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