Sexiest remarks towards woman

When I was growing up, we were made to believe that certain woman are vulgar. Woman who are outspoken, woman who are comfortable with their sexuality, woman who wear skin tight clothes or skimpy clothes.

It all changed when I understood the hypocrisy and understood women more and more.

Women are always put under scrutiny for what they wear from having to wear a long skirt and still be called trash. Women have to watch over what they do, how they behave, what they say, how they look, how tiny bit of a mistake they make. Everything is microanalysed since childhood it never ends. So where this idea of sexism come from? The idea that woman need to be labelled based on how they dress and how they appear rather than getting to know them as a person.

Sexism – prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

As I was growing up from being a child to a teenager, I had quite a lot of stalkers. It pissed me off when people would stare a lot, it made me uncomfortable. And stares are not just a stare like I admire you but stare as though they are stripping me down with their eyes.

I would ask my parents what to do with this. They taught me the most powerful and powerless tool, ignorance.

When I was a teen I was yet to come out of the societal thinking and grow to have my own mind. I still thought of woman with labels and later in years I seem to understand what it was all about. And understood I was harbouring a wrong thinking.

When I was going through changes suddenly the stalkers became eve teasers and would follow me home. I was paranoid af. I would watch shows like Crime Petrol and Gumrah and my imagination would run with a lot of paranoia. People didn’t just do that outside, they made me feel uncomfortable inside stripping me of comfort inside my mind. Making me feeafraid of the world and people in it. It didnt stop at that people have so much audacity to shamelessly touch a women. Every women out there has been harassed, if she hasnt. She has a lived a wonderful life without pain or anxiety atleast towards her mind for such happenings.

When I was in high school, I started wearing a stole on my face as if it would stop people from doing the shady thing they were doing. I was very much a sporty individual, always indulging in multiple sports and later when I didnt join any sports, I later joined gym. Oh! The shitty arena where I got to know middle aged perverts exist.

Why do we ask a women to hide herself, her personality, her growth, we restrict her. Why do you supress her and never stop or oppose those who cause her pain? Why?!!!!!

When Transformers movie came out, around the time Megan Fox was given a title of world’s sexiest woman alive.


I remember watching movies, after movies of men being the hero and given women the thing for “objectification”. It pissed me off as I loved Megan and I felt like I hate woman who are overly sexualised.

Little Miss Sunshine

If you have ever seen little miss sunshine you would know that hypersexualisation and what is deemed appropriate is created by same beings who objectify woman. The difference of decent and appropriate is a faded line from hypersexualisation. My contempt over woman being showcased as tools stopped when many women embraced their femininity and sexuality by choosing to do what makes them comfortable. Woman never really dressed for others they love wearing clothes and the beauty flaunts itself.

Scarlet Johanson is one of many actresses who are publicly shamelessly made uncomfortable with questions such as these.

No woman deserves to be treated as though whatever she does is overshadowed by her looks and also hand out the comments which are making her feel disgusted and uncomfortable. Turning a plus and bringing it down because you dont have the brains to outgrow societies toxic thinking.

If you pay attention the costumes, the character and the lack of details for a woman to play just a pretty part like take James Bond women for example. Of course our beloved Daniel Craig changed that and I really thank him for being part of it.

I think its awful that a womans potential is measured based on a mans dim witted iq of what her worth is. Woman are made to play fictional roles where they had no dialogues, their role is just to look sexy and show portions of bust for the perverted men to ogle and pass comment on. The perverted people who talk badly to woman who abuse her and take away her freedom because she is beautiful?! Because she has a feminine body?! Woman have brains, they have reached even in NASA. They have personalities, vulnerabilities and wide minds, they believe in exceptional growth not only for themselves they can do much more for others.

The trash you see is the reflection of you, yourself. It is not the woman. The people who deem woman who be woman as trash or keep objectifying or say words for nothing but shit are the same hypocritical protestors who created this version of woman to be desirable.

8 years ago, this video came out. People dont understand dark humour in it but its quite dark because everything seen from a womans skin is considered worthy of getting raped.

If people consider this isnt a global problem, then they are just as ignorant as the people who love giving out sexiest remarks and also protest how much they respect women.

Do you know why women play characters as bad ass bitches who dont give the oglers a chance for a relationship? The unrealistic nice guy, because there isnt any.

Men are rare breed, world is maximally having sexiest pigs.

Women are capable of climbing through tremendous pain, does that mean you must add more to it?

Women were never given the opportunities of equal rights for working in offices, for getting equal pays or even a position. The worst shit women face also comes from women who never grow to have their own brain and question what has been going on from age old times is wrong and needs to be changed.

Can we as the new woke generation stop trying to look up a womens chest or butt or any part of her body when she is out there in public just breathing her life?!

Can we teach our children to not carry forward this bullshit and make women hate such women who becomw liberal and rather than hiding become ready for trouble. Can we teach our men to respect women no matter how small or old, no matter what professional position she holds, whether she is a worker or a house wife. Can we make life safe for women.

Can we swear to god that we will protect a women if anyone causes harm to her physically, mentally or in any other way?

This post does not target any individual or sex but it speaks of the reality which occurs everyday and this all needs to be stopped. Women are hated for theatrics of showcasing the reality which occurs. Women get threatebed and abused. There was a short film made, I remember coming across a link in an instagram bio, the film is on youtube but I dont cant find it.

The film starts with a women dressing up, the face is faded and as she goes outside we see her part of her life, where a perverts shameless touch her, many ogle at her, whistle at her, one even starts jerking off. The person comes hone tired and takes off their wig, its a boy cross dressed. He says to the girl behind him. How do you live like this everyday??!

To people who don’t understand that this has nothing to do with patriarchy but a shitty thinking that a women is an object. A toy to be played with. People hate on feminisist and women empowerment programs or even the idea because they think what if women will go ahead of me? What if she is given the freedom and excels more than I can that too in multiple areas of life. Yes she can and she will. Many dont understand that its real beauty to let a women take control of her life. If you supress her and make her a slave of the kitchen and become a gossiper. For such people women empowerment was made. To makw them realise they are much more. And they can provide 10 folds more to their family. A women is called a “पराया धन” which means she is an alien treasure if you take it literally but in meaning it is said that a women is someone elses property or treasure. I consider treasure than a property.

Can we shame the people who ogle or stare or stalk or even harass women than shame the one who is getting abused?

Can we make a society which is trustworthy and understanding that her clothes is her choice and her body is not the scenic view which you ogle at. Can we create men who understand love and vunerablility. No matter what the outcome.

If you have seen whole of Daniel Craigs Bond you know that he becomes a man. Who believes in love and has respect. If you have seen Prince of Persia, you know that Dastan kneeling in front of Tamina giving her the most powerful dagger, is not an act of showing inequality but a sign of respect and gain trust after attacking her city after he comes to his senses.

Can we create a world where a woman is seen for who she is rather than what you think of her. She can be strong and vulnerable at the same time. She, who can rely on a man she just met, being able to trust that he wont hurt her in any form physical, emotional, mentak or spiritual. Can we create a world full of respect and love. Which understands that you dont become any less by holding her up. She will lift you with her because that is a womens true nature. A women is capable of being a chauffer, a cook, a housekeeper, a laundryman and worker. All at once, imagine if you believe in her power and do get to receive her love the right way.

Can we stop the hate and just create an environment for everyone to get a comfort within their skin for them to breathe?

Can we join our minds together and stop this?

Jai Hind. Thank you for reading.

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