Stereotypes I dislike and should change in movies

I grew up watching Bollywood movies and a lot of global movies of course dubbed. Only few channels would show original ones.

There were some worst sort of stereotypes I saw and I couldn’t understand why it was there.

Lets start with …

1. Environmental cause

The activists who care about the environment or old construct are to be deemed as laugh worthy characters or hippie characters as though rich people never really care about it. In the old Batman movie we are shown Poison Ivy’s character. She cares about plants and environment, I understand that every villain has a character build up but every environmental lover is shown to be a timid, lunatic and a hobo. If you remember That’s so Raven, Chelsea is treated as a laughable character because she tries to care about plastic increase and environment getting disrupted.

2. Once a villain always a villain

Bollywood still lacks the understanding of diverse roles for actors and actresses. It makes me angry that actors are not given opportunity to grow into diverse nature. Vijay Raaz is Bollywoods gem he can turn anything into comedy but he should be given more screen time. The most dislikable part is that the genre never shifts for the actor. I wish he was a role like he was in Made in Heaven but in different genre to his character.

Take another example, in Sacred Games Amruta Subhash is given a boss role but with rough language and same can be seen in Bombay Begums.

3. Lgbtq jokes

The characters become stereotypes even when they used to portray a gay person or the gay person would become a joke. They are always either too offensive or too offensive.

In Kal ho naa ho, there was this character of a maid called Kantaben. The min she watches Aman with Rohit, she immediately jumps to conclusion they are gay and it constantly gives the disapproval or fear from her.

Ashutosh Rana played a role way back in childhood it scared me to death. I would still get scared by transgender people but it is a stereotype movies kept even today by making transgender roles as villains.

4. Animal rights

Cat woman is more then just a thief in a spandex costume. She believes in protective animals. Most Batman villains are having a good agenda behind what they want to do if we keep the criminal side away.

5. The Vamps are always having the dark make up

How will one know if they are the villain? If you don’t make them single or divorced. Career women or better yet feminazi?

4 more shots and Veere Di Wedding is an example of FemiNazi’s. Don’t soil the name and efforts of feminism into men hating or bashing women with no substance. All they do is abuse, bash and think they are cool. There is wonderful mini series about a man understanding what feminism and sexism is, the series is called Man’s World.

Breaking these Stereotypes

This guy wakes up has a normal day where he has his sister and mother cooking in the house and he goes to work, while looking at one woman’s direction she calls him names and he takes it that what is so special about women that they are given special privileges? Women is given first preference to get in the bus and letter has a seat reserved. He keeps on cursing and asking god why are women given a lot.

He later is transformed into a world where a woman lives like a man. Where he wakes up and has to cook breakfast and burn his hands, where he goes to bus station and gets eve teased by a women, times when he gets a period and understands the pain and every painful truth about life as a women. Where he has to serve his wife who decides whether he works at home or works outside. Where after long day of cleaning, taking care of the house, he is made to cook for the one who is tired coming from the office. The times when he delivers a baby everyone gets disappointed for it to be a boy. The rules of stereotypes being completely reversed.

It’s there on youtube, I really loved the whole premise of the show showing that world needs equality. Equality doesn’t mean you blindly think that the problems one face don’t exist but you be responsible and remove sexism and everything wrong there is.

Another movie which is a horror comedy depicts what if men were kidnapped and taken away?instead of women?

6. Players

Why do movies glamourise a player? Why can’t they show them the trash they really are? For most of the movies they show utter bullshit.

I think that Daniel Craig’s Bond gave women some level of Respect not treating them like trash in the very end. Else it is like a guy who treats women poorly, sexually harassing them or blackmailing them to sleep with him on a loop.

7. Movie characters with no substance

Wonder Women did good in first movie and it later pooped by making Diana look like a politician trying to change the worlds greed by a speech. As if !! Live action Mulan was a shame! The original had so much wonderful character development. A feminism doesn’t mean we don’t need men. Yes we don’t need to rely on them but we can be happy with a good companion.

Captain Marvel lacks an origin story, her origin story is that…. Carol Denvers- its about ‘Who am I?’ Me- No seriously who are you??!!!

Captain Marvels failure isn’t that she is the most powerful of them all, she has no development, no emotions, she is like the man with an emotional level of a pea, I can’t even say a teaspoon. I think the character deserves to be written in a better contextual manner.

If you take Kill Bill, she is not just a women scorned playing with swords and killing people because she hates them. She is so much more, adding substance is giving more damages to the character and more clever story.

Special note for Kristen Stewart of all these years of lifeless expressions and just constipated expressions of pain. You have won our hearts by showing you do have a personality in Meet Cute. Its not always about the script, she has played so many characters which would be better. And I feel happy that even though the movie Charlies Angles was bad She brought back her personality. Look at those wonderful dazzling eyes, and that’s enough on my crush on her new improved Kristen.

Women are not just bashing men behind or partying or just in love with materialistic things. Women are so much more, we have all sorts of pain, mental, physical, emotional. Our emotions run deep and our character is made and defined by our own self. Everyday is hard and Raazi reminds me of what it is to be a women, being feminine is never a threat, love never weakens us it strengthens us and being that one person who has to break em all its pain.

Indians in foreign movies or series

I watched this recently and i completely understand now why its offensive to joke about religion or race or anything which is just awful. Can’t be taken as a joke. This sums up… no not really. Why can’t Indians portray roles of a lead without being stereotypical or contradictory?

Indian villains, I can seriously laugh if Indians become that stupid and try their plan on world domination. Indians are peaceful people, go look at world war, our ancestors just behaved like pawns in the stupid war.

Indians and their accents, not everyone has an accent like that. Most accents are stereotyped as Southern accents if you watch everyone of this country speak from different area we have diversity. Different way of talking the same language with different complex words. Par gaddi wahin aake atakti hai- where a person of Indian origin can’t speak english.

English is not equivalent of Intelligence. While english speakers can speak 1 language we can speak many many languages, stop comparing. Please portraying Indians with bad accents, we don’t talk like that. We love talking at a calm pace with distinguishable words while communicating.

So many stereotypes are formed by people who view movies without actually being to India.

Poverty statistically

Do you know the number of homeless, unemployed people in developed countries? Do you know that poverty number is misguided because developed does not equate to poverty eradication. There are nations which are well developed and yet many people dies from nutrition deficiencies, heart attacks and much more. Yes, India is a developing country but not everyone lives on footpaths or slums. If you keep making India a country of poor, remember it was the richest country before the British looted us from our countries prosperity.

I hate that Marvel got Jeff Bridge to speak better hindi than this kid who would be speaking more faster than she is speaking. She is speaking in the same broken language as Bruce Banner.

If you look at the Dubbed version and Not dubbed version one can tell that the kid is not really Indian character wise. Please Oh! Please given Indian characters role to be non stereotypical.

Yes India has Poverty, diseases and crimes, So Does The World. Indian culture is about being in harmony despite the differences, we have horrible people just like in the world. If everyone is poor in here. How have I never seen any slums? I have seen homeless people while in America, I have seen con artists in Paris. Why doesn’t world just keep the shades aside and understand India?

It disheartens me that world considers Indians as something very regressed or oppressed.

Personal experiences

I went to America first time in 2010 on a tour with my fellow Indians coming from different parts of India. We sat down for eating lunch in an Indian restaurant. The food was very bland, a grandma sat next to me and she showed sadness on her face. She said to me a women complimented her Saree and when the person got to know that she is from Indian she spoke out of pity that its a land of poor. Words wont be accurate but she was calling us a country of poverty. I enthusiastically said to her we are country or Power and Tea (Powertea). I made her understand that we don’t need to be anything different just because world sees her through their narrow view point. Most people speak in a patronising manner mocking us every now and then of having bad spoken english. Most foreigners would tell me I have good english and I corrected them saying it is out of own comfort that we choose what language we wish to speak. It doesn’t measure our intelligence.

If we also become racist and start to say that you have poor Hindi skills or make mockery out of most misunderstood references of India we would be equally be an idiot. We speak Hindi not Hindu, Hindu is one of many religions in India. Many Indians can speak Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, etc etc. people cannot even imagine the level of intelligence when it comes to being multilingual. It is said that Sanskrit is mother of all languages and we find ourselves be humble and never really show off that we do have our people working in the vast diverse areas of complex work, take Nasa for example.

English movies should understand that Indian characters aren’t just limited to being your chauffeur or a person running the convenience store. At times it would make me sad that Marvel never made an Indian hero but then again we have our own action heroes everyday.

I think I overdid my rant over the Kid from Avengers spoke bad Hindi. And the whole setup being not Indian-ish in anyway. Kolkata is one of the places which adhered to British colonial times structures.

I don’t doubt that there are slums but unless the billionaires of the world are spending their money on giving better lives to those who suffer. They should just stop showing Indian in that light.

World has sufferings, movies are a way to explore the problems which are happening and changing them. It has the impact of making an individual become a different person. Stop indicating that our people are uneducated morons. We have the greatest minds and the most brilliant people from our country.

We have a lot of people who have mastered their way into changing the world through talent, their knowledge and their treatment towards others even when the world was harsh.

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