Dexter : New Blood

Spoilers! Tonight’s the night.

Dexter New Blood is a continuation of Dexter!!! The long run of 8 seasons with a disappointing ending. The series was so good to watch, sooooo good! every season upped the level but because it was running for a long time like Álvaro Morte said in a recent interview about ending Money Heist with season 5, if the show runs with too many seasons later it is dragged to a bad ending.

I was going to wait till the series finale then I saw Angel in the new episode and got extremely excited. Gosh! this show is so different from any other show. I am going to fan girl a bit and talk about what I love about New Blood.

This is not about the past but it is about the past. The reason why Dexter isn’t like Joe Goldberg or Norman Bates, he is traumatised by blood and he carries it with him, Harry later trains him to only use his urges to kill a criminal. Basically this is original inspiration of K (Inspector Koo reference). Dexter Morgan has this wit and humour, a balancing act between appearing normal vs being with his dark passenger.

If you haven’t watched Dexter, here is a recap:

Dexter Morgan is a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro PD. He also moonlights as a serial killer taking out criminals. When he was a child his mother was killed brutally and Dex was found in a pool of blood wailing. This terrorises him throughout his life, he is adopted by the same police officer who rescued him, Harry Morgan. Harry later has a daughter Debra. Dexter shows early scenes of aggression and signs of a killer, he starts by killing animals. Harry teaches him to control his urge, blend in with people. It’s actually weird that a police officer supports ans teaches a kid to become a psychopathic serial killer. Later, he has a box full of slides which are his trophies of the killings he did.

As a series it is a fun show to watch, Dexter is not just a weirdo. He is the weirdly sweet kind of weirdo. While preparing on a killing, he goes on a date with Rita Bennett, in later years he balances between being a serial killer and also having a life with Rita, her two kids. He later marries her and they have a son called Harrison. Soon after she is murdered by Trinity Killer. In later years Dexter grows more bolder and he gets doomed when he kills Travis, another serial killer. He gets caught by his Sister who at the time is a new lieutenant. After very odd and bad ending twists, Debra is killed and Dexter loses himself. He goes through a lot and Deb being the closest one to him he believes that if he keeps himself around his son. He will cause his death too. So he moves way from hot to extreme cold place, Iron lake. I have dragged the story and made it seem dull but Michael Hall is magical as Dexter.

I had cried a lot when the series came to an end. It was terrible, Dexter needed to end in an epic way. There is no one other than Michael C Hall who can play Dexter.

Why is Dex so different from others? He is quirky and we always are told by Dex himself that he is a monster, psychopath, manipulative, liar. At times his affection and protective behaviour towards Deb, Rita and kids contradicts towards him being a serial killer. He feared telling her so much. He even had plenty of scenarios in his head they were so funny.

In Dexter: New Blood, they have kept the last memories of Deb alive by making extremely whinny and toxic. She did get toxic at the end (if she really wanted to do whats best for her brother, she would have arrested him but nope). So we get a extremely toxic hallucinations of the deceased sister. While Dexter remains away from the temptations, he stays clean from killing anyone for a decade. I actually enjoy that in his conscious mind he misses Debra and the hallucinations are just his guilt over her death. While he has moved on completely from Miami, we get to see Dexter’s slash Jim Lindsays routine. Such an odd name!! Jim has a girlfriend who is the town police officer, he now has a job at the shop where one rents weapons (I have a strong opinion about guns or weapons being sold to general crowd for poaching animals or just letting criminals do anything they want, it’s weird why is it legal really? Really?) Jim has a sad routine, he does go around the town and knows everyone, the small towner’s gossip a lot and yet they don’t know about Dexter Morgan.

Dexter when alone with Debs hallucinations, she always violently aggressively keeps on reminding that he killed her because he is a killer. Everyone dying is his fault. It starts to get annoying as she keeps on nagging. I miss Deb and Dex’s pre reveal banter. Deb is a special person for two reasons, she is family, the person whom he grew up with and she knows who he is, she doesn’t appreciate or take it as a normal person should. (By calling the FBI and taking him down but then we won’t have this show).

Jim’s girlfriend also has an adopted kid, who is one of the popular kids. She hangs out with bunch of …… (think of a swear Deb would make). Jim being too well adjusted, he still fights his urge, he follows a beautiful white stag through a scope. He is stopped by a figure, later revealed to be Harrison. Before Harrison arrives in Dex’s life, Dex is on the verge of breaking his “no kill” vow. He watches a terrible kid from the neighbourhood, Matt Caldwell who behaves suspiciously. While trying to buy a extremely high end rifle, Dex notices that the kids purchase is stopped as he watches FBI’s notice. Dexter is too hesitant to be around him because he knows this guy isn’t right.

While constantly having Deb on his mind he keeps struggling over his ptsd. If you looked at Dexter and New Blood, one can spot the difference that he genuinely looks happy but inside he struggles with deaths caused by him not by his dark passenger. He hears from town gossips of all the deeds Matt did along with several intentional horrible crimes. It’s almost as if Dex is on the brink of killing that Deb constantly provokes. He goes hunting again, this time he spots the Stag and doesn’t shoot. He tries to approach the Stag in a calm manner

This beautiful animal is not just a symbol of peace and quiet, it has this aura of purity around it. All that nagging and constant reminder of what a murderer he is, brought by Deb everyday in his head faded away in this moment. I think him actually trying to put his gun down and not take off his urge on an innocent animal speaks so much about how much he has changed. Dexter lacks being human but in this moment he becomes one. He shows kindness towards this majestic Stag as a way to put his past behind.

And in that f***ing moment Matt completely takes it away by shooting this beauty. I feel exactly like Dexter when I see animals being poached and people showing off dead carcass and feeling proud over it. I would call it murder, even animals have rights. Matt happily appears next to Dexter who has exact same expression as I had when I experienced racism from another asian. Shocked and infuriated, the death of this calm becomes a boost for him to murder Matt in cold blood (pun intended). He goes from almost human to broken psychopath, he cuts off the stags neck for it die in peace after knocking out Matt. The only thing I feel shit about is that animal being killed so brutally. I hate it!! I hate simply hate when movies show animals getting killed, be it murder or be it showing their age old death. It’s very painful to watch, I can watch a lot of gruesome people deaths by Dex but not this. I cried a lot of times in Dogs purpose, I cried and felt like a tortured animal after watching the Revenant, Chernobyl. I simply urge movie or series producers to stop using a dead animal or even their fur to show gore gruesome nature of their motion picture.

You understand I felt like Dexter minus the murdering urge. He sets up a clumsy kill table and even he agrees that he has gotten out of shape. I simply hope that no criminal gets inspired by Dex. At times I feel scared after watching such shows example ‘YOU’, because stalkers exist and clearly many do actually kill their prized possession. If one looks at this with their logic aside one can enjoy this series.

After killing Matt, he finds a boy breaking and entering trying to go through his things. The boy turns out to be none other than Harrison. Harrison who was supposed to be with Hannah but little did Dexter know that she died of cancer. I really like Harrison because he is a lot like Dexter, he is smart and strong. He hands out the bullies of his new school a taste of their own medicine when he be friends a classmate, Ethan who gets catfished. After the death of Matt, his father reports him missing. Dexter worries about the body while keeping it in his property. He and Harrison have a strained relationship because they don’t have honest conversation. Correction they can’t have one because he is a serial killer and telling his son that for abandoning him won’t be the most awesome answer.

Harrison searches for Dex after reading a letter about mentioning his worries about Har getting his dark passenger. After listening to a podcast about Harrison, he seems to be stabbed, the whole thing is manipulated into a failed school shooting incident by Harrison, he actually stabs Ethan who is supposed to be his best friend. New in town and having no clue at all Harrison also gets overly melo by Kurt Caldwell, Matts father. The dark humour that a serial killer kills the son of another serial killer, who is also after Harrison.

There is always an invisible line that misguided kids keep crossing after having absent parents in life to give them a proper childhood. Dexter does find a blade in Harrison’s torchlight and uses his deducing skills to come to conclusion that he stabbed Ethan to know what it feels like, being just like him. He does believe in Harrison but he believes more in “Blood never lies”.

Dexter again tries his best to be the same with Harrison but I think if one looks at his relationship with Rita he was always faking it. She hardly knew who he was, he didn’t grieve as much for her but he grieved that Harrison suffered the same as him having to grow around the pool of his mothers blood. Dex thinks that his kid has no way of remembering but then there is always a podcast.

Angel Batista is the guest of honour for giving a conference on Missing people and Serial killers which Angela attends along with the Molly Park the podcaster of

I feel very sad that Harrison has to find out about his mother through the podcast. Dexter tries to put Harrison on therapy but he lies about going to one. It’s genuinely understood behaviour in Harrison that he feels unwanted by Dex, because Dex is never really open with him. He is confident about who he is and yet at times makes poor decision choices like by going to a party in the honour of a lie. He is given ecstasy and he overdoses on it. He tellings Audrey, Angela’s daughter about Jim being a false name. She in turn tells it to her.

I think given the history Dexter suffered if one is blind towards serial killer identity. One can understand why he takes up a false name and moves far away. His wife was murdered, his sister was also murdered. His child would have suffered the same trauma or one can think that he couldn’t handle the responsibility because of the trauma.

I really got goosebumps when I saw Batista. It was clever to add him to give Angela clues about Dexter Morgan. What a small world! I really like the fact that they kept Jennifer Carpenter around, it goes to show that in Dexter he is constantly reminded of Harry but in New Blood he is full of guilt because of Debs death. His hallucinations are very toxic though. I get weirdly anxious and hope the show doesn’t disappoint.

The best thing about the show is that they have kept the same theme. The music is very calming and therapeutic. I had kept this theme on my playlist once.

I will keep updating.

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