What if family disappoints you?

I watched Thor and Black Panther today and I feel that Marvel kind of gives us Villains to whom we sympathise.

I hate it because before we cant call villains as just plain diabolical beings, working their way to destroy the protagonist for no reason at all.

Lets go to Thor, Loki is son of an Ice Giant, Laufey. Though in comic books Laufey is a female and not a male. So male Laufey leaves his child to die and Odin for whatever reason takes him home and ends the war between Frost Giants and Asgard. Loki is never told that he is adopted. And to some extent I get it, what are they going to tell him? Oh, we destroyed your home, killed lots of children too but I took you home without any hidden agenda.

Loki being told he equally has the right to be King is never treated better. Always treated in the second rate manner, and everyone just loves Thor who is a big dum dum with muscles. We soon catch up that Loki causes Frost Monsters in Asgard and he also manipulates Thor to go and destroy Jotunheim, to which Odin comes and like an embarrassed parent apologises and takes his children back.

Thor is banished because he is too greedy, narcissistic and arrogant. Because Loki finds his hands turning blue when an ice giant touches him. I seriously keep saying Ice for some reason. (Ice -frost potato potato).

When Loki touches the Casket, he realises he is a frost giant. His eyes turn red like Laufey, skin blue and then he wonders if he has some disease.

Great way to break “You are adopted”, Odin tells him he kidnapped him out of pity when war was destroying all of Jotunheim. Does this not remind anyone of anyone else? Thanos? Gamora? Is it just me that people take babies home while destroying the babies birth place?

Thor being banished improves his personality magically. I seriously dont buy it. An over the top arrogant god becomes humble suddenly?

Loki suffers from real existential crisis as he wonders who he is, what was the purpose of keeping him alive and raising him.

Being well aware of the politics behind it. Being used as a peace keeper. To which Odin replies he did it because he is his son. I dont buy it!! Odin. Not once have I seen a loving word from you towards Loki, not one gesture of love, respect and affection. While everyone is too busy serenading Thor, does no one acknowledge how Loki feels? I hear Loki is god of Mischief. So why are they constantly hurt by it? He stands for what he is, betraying what he is would be out of character.

Loki though playing childish games with Thor, was doing that to prevent him from coming to Asgard. He destroys Jotunheim to gain his father’s trust. Knowing he is frost giant killing his father with his own hands along with his home.

I cried so badly for Loki all in all, he was wronged so badly on so many levels. He destroyed it to gain his approval and when he realises that Odin was never really going to make him King or care about it. He leaves.

Loki’s personality differs from director to director I would say. In one movie he is manipulative two faced trickster, in another he is loyal and yet again trickster. In next he joins comedic side along with massacre.

And then he becomes good and comedic only to die soonish.

I feel Loki deserved better. He loved Frigga, even though he hated Odin. Frigga taught him magic, cared for him like her own. We never saw much interaction between them but the way Loki treated her makes us understand how well she treated him.

Loki loved her and when he sends Kurse to his house. He never imagines she will be killed. He mourns her death in prison, to someone who calls him family. They dont even let him out to properly say goodbye instead send a guard. Loki seriously deserved better.

To what logic does one think Thor is better than Loki? Every Odin’s child known in marvel movie is narcissistic, power driven, hungry for the throne and last but not the least impulsive behaviour.

Just because Thor loses his eye doesnt make him worthy of the throne. I feel Thor is Aquaman equivalent to the level of self importance. Far more than Iron man which is unhealthy on extreme level.

Now, let us go to Wakanda…

N’Jadaka son of N’Jobu, to begin with N’Jobu has seen the difference in treatment and oppression of his community in outside world. World inside Wakanda is well protected by the King but the rest is in despair. N’Jobu wishes to use Wakanda’s weapons to take power back.

N’Jadaka finds his father dead with Panther claws inside his chest. Knowing well of what he was doing, he pursues the same dream. Being the military man and fighting battles and scarring himself for every man he kills.

Eric Killmonger ruins his life by taking every step in the wrong direction. When he successfully wins the challenge for the throne. The ritual which should bring peace to him by visiting the ancestors brings him back to Oakland, in the apartment where his father died.

N’Jobu is terrified of what Eric has become and also feels sad that his son doesnt mourn for his loss. N’ Jadaka speaking from a place of misery “everyone dies at some point that is how it is here”.

I dont believe these are the words a child should ever have to speak or accept. Filled with pain, rage and anxiety he awakes having a bad panic attack as though he is suffocated.

We can tell the difference in behaviour though. T’Challa having learned the whole truth finds it difficult to believe him as he sees him break out Klaue. T’Challa also feels deep inside that Eric is wronged in a horrible way. He doesnt say it to him but keeps it in his belief. Leaving him in a place with struggles and pain while his family lives well protected in the comforts of luxury.

The only good thing about Black Panther is that he is too wise and acknowledges the wrong doings by confronting his father.

T’Challa has an image in his mind that his father is a great King when he speaks to him the first time. When he is near death, having uncovered the whole truth, he speaks his mind freely and chooses to come back to life than die and chill in ancestral plane.

Eric also has no boundaries, no love for others or for himself. He kills his girlfriend with his own hands. He believes in killing the oppressors and “helping” his people. The intent isn’t bad but it doesn’t come from a good place.

Nakia has the same thoughts about using Wakanda to aid outside of it. But both the ideas come from different places.

Nakia and Eric being on the same side yet on different paths. One wants to destroy everyone, another wants to help everyone.

T’Challa is loved by his family, his people and even by others. He is no doubt a King. But if T’Chaka would have not been stupid to think that he killed his brother as Murder rather than defence he could have saved Eric. By taking him back home and raising him in Wakanda.

The part where T’Chaka confronts his brother about using their weapons for destroying their own part. Obvious thing was he had come to give him a sentence for his crime. N’Jobu tries to kill Zuri for which T’Chaka had to kill N’Jobu. It was not an act of “I came here to kill you”.

But I think he doesnt accept Eric because he is not born in Wakanda. I guess even Old Wakandan King has their limited thinking.

I love that Eric acknowledges in the end that he wanted belonging. Both Loki and Eric just want to be equals in their own home. Accepted and have a place in the place they call home. To feel like it is their home rather than an outsider.

As funny as it is one movie has two people who are treated unfairly.

M’Baku belongs to Jabari tribe, they have their own conflicts with Wakandan’s as they are never considered for any matters.

They are shown in a glimpse that they have been casted outside living away in the mountains. M’Baku addresses T’Challa with all his rage in the combat. The ignorance and lack of involvement for the people of the same roots.

Just goes to show that Wakanda only served the people who agreed to the majority tribe. When M’Baku saves T’Challa from dying. He hands him over to his mother and sister who give him the herb. With no greed, no interest in the political agenda. He likes to keep his people out. But when T’Challa speaks to him, M’baku feels like T’Challa is asking for all his hands just because he lend a helping hand. Asking for his army and support to which he declines.

As cool as he is, as funny as he is, he is wronged by previous Kings. A King is not supposed to differentiate treatment of his own people based on their personal likings or for any other reason.

T’Challa correcting his wronged ancestors tells him he wouldnt be the one following their footsteps.

Thats it for today, I feel that more and more Marvel movies come the more they bring sympathetic villains. I wish they stop doing that. It is mentally exhausting. Because one cries for their death.

Thats it for today. Thank you for reading

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