Why I hate and love Fleabag!


Fleabag is such an underrated series. The series Fleabag is centred on a women who has weird attraction to cad men. She has a married sister, a father and a wicked step mother. With minor adjustments it would seriously be a Disney movie. Anyway, Fleabag constantly amuses us audience with her dark humour.

With jump cuts that leave us knowing what exactly Fleabag is feeling and thinking. Fleabag also reminds me of Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker with a monologue, which is changed to live reaction to the situations she is in.

In season one Fleabag, tells us a story that she has hard time dealing with her family, feeling lonely from time to time and saying “yes” to people for love interests even though they are useless.


Fleabag constantly show cases the toxic relationships she goes from one to another showing her inner insecurities and pain. She actually has a boyfriend who cares for her, loves her and has reasonable reactions to her behaviour.

For fun, Fleabag chooses to toy with Harry’s emotions whenever she wants the apartment to be cleaned. She uses him constantly and leaves him in emotional turmoil. Fleabag actually doesnt need a guy but she does so for her self amusement. She likes the hot looking Guy who doesnt care for her much like a tinder date. He only likes her for having sex and go in the back. Fleabag wonders if the Guy will ever ask her to be serious with him. Great choice I would say!

Then comes Rodent, the arsehole who looks the way he is, Fleabag steals money from him and the Rodent is interested in her and not interested in her being one of the guy who is useless.

So why does Fleabag does that? Put herself through torture? Through her multiple mentions and flashbacks we get to see Boo.

A best friend, a co worker and the ride or die. Said it too early, Boo in the beginning of the series is already dead. It happened because Fleabag had sex with someone Boo fell for and to her disappointment. She tries to get back at him by trying to get into an accident which ultimately costs her life.


Boo has an obsession with guinea pigs so one day Fleabag gifts her Hilary. After her death, we can certainly say Hilary becomes her heart.

Fleabag is not the good guy. She is just less wicked than this one.

Fleabag has a sense of humour to keep her from drowning into depression but every now and then she is using pranks just to distract herself from grieving. At the beginning she goes to Bank Manager to get funds for her cafe which is on the verge of closing down.

Her sister, Claire being the successful person, she is uptight with an arsehole husband. Who purposely kisses Fleabag to this scene taking the situation and turning it around. Telling Claire that Fleabag initiated it.

The whole plot of Fleabag revolves around the insults the Godmother dishes out to her from time to time. Making us wonder who is the most diabolical one?

In the end even Fleabag ends up being a lot depressed when Bank Manager comes around who before thought she was trying to sexually gain favours to which she was just having a miscommunicated day.

Bank Manager after listening to each others dilemma after co incidentally being in a cult like setting comes around.

And season 2 opens up with Fleabag, leaving her toxicity behind in a way. She says no to the Guy. Hurray! She also attends party where she meets Claire after all the drama where she blames Fleabag for hurting Boo with her actions which led her to death.

The marvellous setup of cameras and jump cuts show us that the scenes make us be there in the conversation with the worst table to be dining at.

Fleabag having opened her cafe successfully, using chatty Wednesday’s or some day (I guess it was Thursday). Quote “Loneliness pays”. True that, some people make money out of it. To which I am exactly like Claire screaming “I am not part of this” whenever some stranger or a person who hasnt met me in 20 something years asks me to identify them.

The photo above showcases how there is a stranger present but for maximum time we are focused on others.

Godmother and Father announces they want to get married and he hands her a gift which has counselling sessions. It comes off as offensive but I just love how the Priest is so happy to be getting a gift.

In comes the Priest, the dynamic between Fleabag shifts as she covers up for Claire who had an abortion and rather than going to hospital Claire just sits on the table. At times Fleabag is the only intelligent being there on the table. To which Claires husband tells Fleabag, good things are happening. Whats not meant to be has come out to which she punches him hard.

Obviously no one knows in the whole scene until later when Claire chooses to tell that her husband (Martin) was cursing his own child.

Fleabag and Claire get on each others sides. Fleabag being as charming as herself gets through everything even though Claire is the successful one. (true sibling envy) Fleabag thinks Claire is successful while Claire thinks Fleabag just gets saved no matter what trouble she gets into.

At the beginning, Priest is introduced as the father who will commence the marriage ceremony.

But he is clueless to the fact that Fleabag, having lost the baby is not real. She starts fancying him because he is just too good.

Andrew Scott being the hot priest seriously opened the idea that priest can be non stereotypical not that I have met one. He swears, has has his beliefs and he has a messed up family dynamic too but he just uses his energy into what fathers do at church.

Even though he is a priest, he has a form of attraction to Fleabag which he constantly tries to resist. And Fleabag is the kind of person who is like there is nothing to lose. When she has a conversation with him n his backyard he tells her what ultimately happens if anyone falls for him. He chooses to guide people rather than let them make him live satiety until he is hungry for lust.

The unabashed understanding and lack of judgement he passes on her makes her grow close to him but with the intent that she wants him.

The first thing she says is “It will maximum last for a week”. The problematic thing with Fleabag is she is constantly looking for an end. And not the beginning, she tells every drama, every pain she suffers is convened to us with a little look and the words flying by. But the more she spends actual time with the Priest the less time she engages with us. Meaning Fleabag is actually opening up to a relationship than keeping herself enclosed in her thoughts for only her to hear.

Fleabag and Priest have conflicting ideologies, the reason why Priest says “It will pass” is because he knows how Fleabag functions.

He is not breaking her heart, he is breaking his own. He cries and pulls apart, teary eyed walks away telling her to never show up to church. The imaginary fox that wants to have those desires of love, lust and connection constantly hounds him which he says even when she is in his backyard.

Fleabag never really is big on real attachments or sentiments. When she and priest kiss, he is out of his mind and she finds another hot shot lawyer to be with. He knows what trouble she is, and in that very moment he gives in. He wants her so badly, he loves her too. He doesnt need to say it, if a man loves a women vice versa they dont need to say it their actions say it loudly.

And when he is filled with happiness and cheerfulness of this feeling he knows is love. It terrifies him knowing the “nothing to lose fleabag” is asking him to choose her instead of god.

And ultimately he chooses God.

Here is why Priest loves her.

He tries to cancel being the wedding officiator. It is because of his emotions for Fleabag.

He tries to be friend her. Whenever she zones out, he catches onto her. Even though everyone surrounding her dont really understand what she is doing.

He gets inside her head. He also goes shopping with her.

The first time Fleabag meets him, she is extremely rude to him. He asks for a cigarette even though he doesn’t smoke. It was just a gesture to talk to her comfortably. He doesnt smoke ever after that.

When I watched this scene I was dying!! I was literally dying. Everyone deserves love but I feel if he hadn’t done this it wouldn’t teach her to value love and emotions and attachment. Having an intimate relationship without it requiring it to be wanting just each others bodies but loving.

In How to be Single, Lucy listens to Tom, the ultimate player who goes to massive lengths to not keep a girl around. Falls for her, she listens to it but doesnt change her decision on marrying George and feels that good. Now he will be open to an actual grown up relationship.

For all the reasons to Love Fleabag. One should watch Fleabag.

One can relate to it far too much. I love change of dynamic between her father in season one and in season two where he doesn’t wish to marry Godmother. Even in flashbacks he finds the godmother completely repulsive. I like the many shades of raw truth that Fleabag doesnt shy away from.

If you are like Fleabag, please learn to respect others feelings. She doesnt respect Harry’s one bit even though he is the only mature person around her. And she uses him. If you are using someone who loves you, cheating on them. You are cheating yourself out of true love.

I am pretty sure I have made a lot of errors and left out a lot of things but why spoil it Fleabag is a masterpiece. I loved it, Phoebe Waller Bridge is a genius slash performer, plus love thee, Andrew Scott.

*Standing Ovation to Fleabag*

Go watch fleabag! Have a great day.

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