When a girl wishes to leave everything behind

Spoilers ahead!

On my first watch, an anime always makes me wonder if I really am watching something meant for a child or an adult.

The brilliance of drawing storyline with complex ideas in the movie is what fascinates me about the art of animation.

Ponyo, is a considered as a goldfish by Sôsuke who finds him near the shore.


Ponyo is a child of Fujimoto who looks after all the creatures of the sea. Ponyo one day goes to land and like a worried father Fujimoto follows them where-ever they go. He appears very bizzare to Lisa, Sôsuke’s mother.

Lisa, Sôsuké and goldfish (Ponyo)

As the story unfolds we meet Fujimoto from time to time as he tries to protect his child from unleashing a tsunami. Initially his actions seem to bring a caution by his behaviour and through his constant meddling. She is oblivious and Ponyo soon transforms from a goldfish to a duck. She takes a liking to Sôsuke who cares for her when she is tiny.

After watching the ending I came to the conclusion that Ponyo is none other than child turning into a woman. It is the journey of father Fujimoto and Granmamare to look after her. As she rebels out of her age, wanting to go to Sôsuke, he is tested if he is worthy.

Ponyo also drinks a potion which makes her control the whole sea. She can control the water, the fishes and the weather when father is gone.

The part where Fujimoto just wants her to return home is fathers wish to keep her with him. Not letting go of his daughter. As Ponyo’s longing causes a havoc, Granmamare being her mother restores the weather and the chaos at the see.

The hardships of Lisa is seen as a mother who is working her way as well as raising Sôsuke, her husband staying apart at the sea. None the less, Sôsuke always keeps a balance between an angry Lisa and Koichi his father.

Even though a child, she uses her powers to turn a small boat into big one, making the boat act like a real one, she spreads joy where ever she goes. The problem is that Fujimoto cannot let go of Ponyo.

Granmamare creates a test for Sôsuke, bringing the whole family with them. She devices that Ponyo can turn into a human if Sôsuke loves her. When she would accept becoming a human as Sôsuke accepts her for who she is, her powers will be gone.

When we are children, for girls they are the life of their house. They are treated in a precious manner, taken care of specially. And they bring joy to the family like no one else. They are taught discipline and for the basic reasons a girl matures way ahead of her time with situations that surround her. She has a freedom in her house which cannot be compared to the ones after she gets married. Her duties and responsibilities lie towards her husbands family as she leaves everything behind making a sacrifice of her own self.

This is not that talked about, in any marriage a women leaves her family behind, but never in the heart though. She leaves to join her new family whom she knows very little of, she brings her wit, her abilities to do whatever she can to her husband. Keeping him happy while finding solutions to the problems rather than finding problems.

Life is difficult as it creates a shock because she is leaving behind comfort. Have you ever leaped into the unknown? Out of your own space where you have found comfort. The women are always made to adjust whether they lived freely or not. It is never talked about to a male. At home where once treated as a queen one has to let go and join the world.

Leaving comfort and a place of familiarity is always scary but Ponyo embraces it.

The movie moves us as we see them tackle through the chaos which Ponyo herself created. Without losing his affection towards her he embraces her. Knowing the divine, Granmamare and getting over the differences between the two families. Bidding their daughter away.

Love requires more than affection, it requires respect, attention, acceptance, dedication and actions. It cannot be swayed with words or lies for long. We all are different in our own ways, we all seek love whether we admit it or not. There is no greater love than that of our parents. (Obviously the good kind). I know not everyone is fortunate enough for this but it is wonderful to watch our parents sacrifice to bring us comfort, warmth and protection. Saying goodbye to it can be very hard. But I believe for a woman her family is her parents and her new family. Even though she leaves them physically, in all other ways she never does. It is said that a man may turn his back to his own family but a women never really does. It is brought in an instinct to a women to love and care for those around her. To nurture and give more than anyone can.

I know the movie is about children but this is the analogue I came across when the movie was coming to near end. The magic lies in a woman’s touch, she can bring the world apart to make someone she loves happy. Whether the world is collapsing or the sky is falling to her, her love never fades.

I know that it can also foreshadow something else but I cant unsee my own perspective.

Thats it for today, thank you for reading. Watch Ponyo.

Good day.

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