Hunters Season 1

Today I am in a mood for spoiling this series. I seriously feel sad and frustrated. After binge watching this yesterday. I slept early at night but woke up constantly having panic attacks. And I don’t even know what for.

Spoilers Ahead!

In this era, of disease, war and climate change. I am gloomy because I seem to have hit rock bottom for watching shows that remind me over and over that we live in a shady world.

Hunters follows 3 different storylines to begin with and in the end it all connects. First being Jonah Heidelbaum played by our beloved and forever movie-boyfriend, Logan Lerman. Secondly, Millie Morris who is an FBI agent assigned to a case of unnatural death of a NASA scientist. And third being Nazi’s.

Hunters from left to right (Roxy, Joe, Meyer, Jonah, Lonny, Murray and the picture is missing Mindy and Harriet.

Jonah is a deliquent teenager who sells drugs to make ends meet. He lives with his Safta (Grandma), Ruth. Ruth is optimistic, kind and righteous, she is also a holocaust survivor. She disagrees to his choices of being a drug dealer. The same night, Jonah wakes up and witnesses his Safta being shot by an unknown man. He gets furious and in pain. Constantly struggles with PTSD as he can’t help get through the pain of losing his only family.

Ruth was a survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp and the whole plot surrounds this. The episodes go back and forth from present to past experiences.

I love the actors, they are all amazing but the storyline is just messed up. Too many times its like the things are shown in one direction and later they have no significance or just contradicts on what is shown.

Ruth’s funeral is held where Meyer Offerman ( Al Pacino) offers to help him out. When Police fails to catch the perpetrator who killed Ruth. Jonah makes foolish choices which lands him up in jail. Honestly how am I supposed to believe he is a scholar with a high IQ!??

Jonah is bailed out by Meyer who pays for it without wanting anything in return. (So Damn Sketchy!!) When Meyer meets Jonah I was reminded of Frank Costello from The Departed movie. I know he is not a gangster but the free offering to help out feels too heavy coming from him to a kid who is now alone in a rough neighbourhood.

Jonah being as weird as he is, tries to match bunch of symbols and stumbles upon a secret room in Meyer’s library slash living room. He finds pictures of the person responsible for his Safta’s death. He also finds that Meyer is hunting down Nazi’s. After hearing what Meyer has to say he runs away. Jonah is constantly haunted by Ruth and her feeling deep inside him. Jonah goes after the guy who killed Ruth according to Meyer’s pictures. The man owns a toy store, he turns out to be a Nazi who starts attacking Jonah after Jonah loosely confronts him with a knife.

He is subdued and tied to chair. When it feels like he will be killed by this man. Meyer comes in the store, murders the man and saves Jonah. Jonah is told that Ruth started a gang who hunt down Nazi’s who are hiding in plain sight in 1970’s America.

Jonah being resistant at first. Joins in but immediately after watching the gang torture the person constantly second guesses. Things constantly go south and he gets ….ed. His Best Friend Arthur who works at the comic book store gets shot by a Nazi-american assassin, Travis Leich who seems to shadow Millie everywhere she goes.

The most important thing is telling a child that his aunt doesn’t want him to get involved and deliberately involving him to take part in manslaughter. I sort of never actually bought Meyer’s persona of good will.

Yes, Nazi’s are bad. They tortured jews and killed many of them mercilessly in the most horrifying way possible. Not even sparing children. But when they find out all the evidence and names they don’t really use the power Meyer has to abolish involving Nazi believing that government doesn’t care.

My favourite part would be when they show random sarcastic ads in the series showcasing the hypocrisy in america. That was also making me infuriate a bit.

Which makes me talk about the ignorance world has so far. Its about this symbol.

Swastik on left and the other being Nazi symbol

Swastika is a symbol used by Hindu’s, Buddhist’s and Jains as a symbol that denotes well being. I seriously tried my best in history class but my brains comprehension power was negligible, I read today that Nazi’s read Indian scriptures thinking we have similarities. Aryans were originated in India and spread in Europe that is what was believed. Its actually a disgrace that Adolf Hitler thought that they have similarities to us. If anyone turns pages of history. Indians were always non violent. We were constantly ruled by someone else and sadly our ancestors suffered a lot. So I believe that their thinking was no doubt heinous and extreme.

When I was reading history books, I seriously never understood holocaust or war. For a kid like me, elaborating history word for word made it all fly past my head. I wish schools show documentary along side teaching to make one understand properly. Oh! my childhood struggles!!

My point of showing the Swastik is that, I’ll only speak of Indians because I don’t know how others use it. Whenever something is good is happening. We buy something new be it books or a electrical appliance, it can be anything. We draw a swastik and prey to god for it to bring prosperity or stay in good working state for years to come. Thats my interpretation. Nazi’s really turned it to one side and drew it different so I seriously wish they name the symbol something else because its insulting what it really means.

After each episode I have more unsatisfactory feeling inside. More like I am feeling the pain of unjust unfair world which keeps on getting worse.

I have strong feeling of déjà vu from Hunters because it reminds of a band of normal people coming together to take down evil supervillains?

Even the main protagonist has a significant someone who is cold bloodedly splattered right in front of him. (idk if bloodedly is a word, I am still going to use it.) He feels helpless and then is visited by a man who will soon become his mentor in taking down evil villains. They even had a super villain who was shown to be Nazi couldnt get any different. But I really loved “The Boys” because it is fictional.

I seriously feel that killing is shown to have ambiguous meaning in any series. The good committing murder is still a murder and the bad committing the same act is murder. When I watched Batman Animated, never once does he kill his enemies or the people who are trying to kill him. He just takes them to Arkam hoping they would give up the tendency for destruction and crime and be better. Obviously irl nothing is black and white. Everything seems complex.

In Maryland, Biff Simpson played by Dylan Baker is a Nazi who kills his entire family because a polish neighbour recognises him as the Butcher from concentration camps. She is shell shocked and chills pour down her spine as she watches Biff kill everyone standing there in his backyard. His eye makeup is seriously on point. It seriously makes him look very evil. (How in the world does no one hear their scream? Or the shots?

Biff calls upon an assassin who helps shoot him just to play a victim card. In the whole series German Nazi’s seem to have all the killing equipment with them at all times. Its actually comical if it actually didnt have real events included.

Biff goes on to be a person who influences politics and when time comes uses others to gain more power to bring in others. The Nazi propaganda is orchestrated by Colonel, Travis and Tobias.


The whole Nazi network lives in America in the pretence of doing what they do in America. Many being recruited as scientists in NASA as America is persuaded to take in the Nazi’s in the worry that Soviets will take them and use them as weapons. I seriously can’t tell who is evil in this whole entire series because I seriously dislike everyone. Maybe not everyone. I really liked Murray he was the best of them.

Millie Morris is not only women of colour in the series but also lesbian which is like crime for Nazi’s as keeping the world with others who are weak. (Travis) Travis tails her and while being this omnipresent killer he also shows his hatred towards those who are impure. (For some reason I am reminded of Harry Potter).

What is pure really? Everyones born from this earth. Everyones going to go back to the earth. Why hate? Kill others? What does it really serve anyone?

Millie goes back and forth from Nazi victim of NASA to Jonah’s best friend to Jonahs Safta, and later Meyer. The whole plot is seriously ambiguous because its like if they never started killing Nazi’s they would never get so many people killed including their own. But then they would leave the Nazi’s in their plan of world domination. I can’t decide what is the lesser evil. Either way its bad. This whole tendency to either way is death reminds me of Squid Game. The choices made by a immature mind will always be wrong.

I seriously feel that Travis seriously should get an award for best Villainy. Everything he does and says show cases racism, anger, violence, Nazi Propaganda. Well done for making me hate the character and fear him simultaneously.

Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino) makes a team of Hunters…

Hunters (Left to right) Roxy, Murray, Mindy, Jonah, Harriet, Lonny and Joe

Their objective is to bring down Nazi’s by torture, extraction of information and killing them in the end. One by one Nazi’s are taken down and Colonel asks Travis to investigate and take out those who are hunting them. Colonel constantly giving their kind the opportunity to bring chaos to continue their plans.

In each episode Meyer shows the stories of Concentration Camp where everyone was rid of every jewellery, every item their name and their decency. Stripped of every human behaviour and rights. They all live in agony, Murray and Mindy made me cry the most. Murray is separated from Mindy but when he is told to part from his son. He wouldn’t let him go. A Nazi officer, without hesitation kills their son right in front of them. When Murray later finds Bomb in the train which Travis left. He believes in making things right by trying to defuse the bomb. In brief moments when every wire he cuts doesnt work, he sees his son before dying in the blast. I seriously couldnt hold myself when I saw Mindy imagine him and her son in after life and grant his wish to give mercy to their son’s killer.

In my head mercy actually means not killing, compassion and forgiveness, she then immediately kills him off. I seriously can’t feel rest after watching all that.

Like I said before, I was extremely sad student because I couldnt comprehend what was taught. I saw Schindlers list after a long time because each time I had started I thought it was in german with no subtitles. I watched The Pianist and Jo Jo Rabbit. No matter what I watch I sincerely feel that is hell on earth. How people were treated that way. No one deserves that! No one! I dont seem to understand people because their thoughts seem to always bow towards extremists and commit crimes for innocents to live their whole life with.

When Schindlers list was coming to the end, We see Liam Neeson pay respects to original Oskar Schindler along with all the survivors who show respects by keeping stones.

The man who uses his wealth to give out everything to those who are of no relation to him. He doesn’t join the Nazi’s or the Jews. He just uses his politics and power to save their lives no matter what. It sincerely breaks my heart that people commit genocide even in this era. I dont understand humans because they have forgotten humanity. But I hope that where there is war, someone will rise to put an end to it without committing violence.

When Hunters was coming to its end I hoped that Ghost Ruth would bring out her influence on Jonah and make him see that choosing death, violence and revenge is consuming him and making him a monster and ripping him away from being the child he is.

When Meyer kills one of the suspects, who is about to tell that he is not who he is. He kills her off, I immediately knew that he wasn’t Meyer. Because in the past they signified The Wolf so much it felt weird that he is mentioned more often than needed. We are shown flashbacks which somewhat makes no sense that he is Meyer Offerman. The young one looks different from Al pacino who’s image is plastered in newspaper by a reporter. I knew it more and more when Al Pacino’s character seems to be obsessed with killing Nazi’s even when they have lost Murray.

So when the big reveal is shown that Meyer is actually The Wolf. The surgeon who tortured everyone in concentration camp, killed real Meyer after the Nazi’s were defeated. He stole the identity of Meyer and escaped punishment.

He lived whole of his life as new and when people recognised him. He offered all his money to a plastic surgeon who gave him a new face. Making him the permanent Meyer Offerman. He studied Hebrew and all the rituals and behaviour of that of a jew. And after many years living as a jew he started to feel the guilt of what he commited. He met Safta again her aura made him make the Hunters.

Honestly it was like the Nazi women said. Its hypo critic, all the pain and sacrifice he show cases to Jonah to make him and provoke him to kill the l Nazi’s were a sham. And I feel that Wilheim Zuch aka Al Pacino was just a psychopath. Blood thirsty, immoral psychopath. In Schindler, Amon has similar sadistic traits, feeling false sense of uncomfort when told to not choose violence.

Jonah is a misguided child whom I wish would actually listen to Ghost Ruth and be a better child turning a man. I also hope that Millie gets the authority she deserves to officially do whats right by the law.

The whole series is good but a lot of things I seriously feel is out of place. I really like Harriet helping out Lonny when he feels down. I seriously wonder if she is a triple agent, working for Hunters as well as British intelligence. In the middle she seem to had taken a Nazi out without causing any harm leaving Jonah and Joe behind. I seriously can’t tell who is what in this series. And the last scene had me drop my mind, as Colonel is shown very much alive, previously assumed dead by Harriet. Joe is kidnapped and brought to Argentina in front of Adolf Hitler who seems to be every much alive. And eats his lunch with Colonel who is Eva, his wife Eva Braun.

There is no possibility of knowing whether Hitler died commiting suicide or not. I seriously do hope that no such people come back to haunt lives or make anyone suffer.

Hunters is good show but I just feel too much anxiety. I guess I can no longer handle horror, realistic or dark movies or series.

I do feel that as a human being telling someone to take the better path is pretty easy but doing it is obscure. We can never tell what is good or what is bad. And when the world puts its violence or crime onto us. No doubt what Joe says is true. It changes a person to a different state from which no man can go back to.

Looking at the state of world, I hope everyone is okay. Being best isn’t as important as constantly moving forward. I also feel that every cinema and series goes beyond the lens now a days. The emotions are so vivid that one no longer belongs in a room but it feels like we are there feeling their pain and sacrifice.

In the flashback, Ruth pushes her face onto a gun to save another girl. I hope no one needs to sacrifice themselves or others.

Someone told me in tough times that there was a psychiatrist whose whole family was tortured and killed in concentration camp. The man wrote books on his experience and tried to influence people. The famous Viktor Frankl turned his pain into an inspiration to bring us hope when we are lost. I hope to read the book soon “Man’s search for meaning”.

I hope that every person feels better even if life isn’t all colourful. I hope you live your day at its fullest. Make every second count.

Thank you for reading.

Have a good day.

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