What if you never aged?

The movie which brings up to a journey of a women named Adaline Bowman.

Spoilers Ahead!

The name itself gives us something to ponder. Obviously my title gives everything away and so did the poster.

The story takes us to the era when Adaline was born, she later grows to be a beautiful young women who sees life in a different view.

When Adaline is 29 she is struck by lightening and ever since never ages. She has a daughter who ages as she grows up and like the Interstellar. The daughter is now a grandma and the parent is their child. The rules don’t apply even if we age.

As Adaline’s age and youth remains the same she is hounded by the idea of being taken away and experimented upon. She constantly keeps on moving whenever she finds that someone is questioning her identity. In the modern age, Adaline has learned her ways to create a fake ID and identity in the new place she lives.

Although tiresome she feels that everyday she was to stay the same while others around her pass by.

Every women out there wishes she looked as charming as she used to be. Everyone resents the scars, the marks, the saggy skin but no one can wonder how horrible it must feel to never age.

Some may say its a blessing while others would call it a curse. Only the ones who endure can determine what it really is, Adaline goes years from constantly running away leaving her new identity behind. With her first marriage, her husband passes away. She has a beautiful daughter although they have to part because she is always worried after FBI takes her unwillingly. She runs all her life until, she meets Ellis. Working in the Library, now called Jenny. Ellis goes all in and head over heels for her. (I am pretty sure its an express for girls but we can still use it.)

He is like a child who wishes to woo her, get to know her and stay smitten by her. Her age gives her the knowledge and the advantage of traveling and gaining all the wisdom. For Adaline, the pain starts when she has to stay and wonder if she will have to watch people grow and die. I don’t believe anyone wants to watch that even without being immortal.

She has a dog whom she one day comes home to, as she has to put him down. It brings her the pain and reminder that while she cannot age, everyone else does. Worried to not miss out, she thinks of moving with her daughter.

Having lived all these years she has failed to live.

Fleming tells her to live her life because she deserves it. There is no one hounding her down now. Little did she know she would be walking back to her home.

As Ellis’s feelings grow he asks her to come back to his parents house. When she does, she is immediately recognised by William who was the love of her life whom she had to leave behind. Unable to shake the image of the uncanny resemblance. William is both riled up and overjoyed. He keeps on remembering everything they did and mentioning everything to Adaline makes her overwhelmed.

Although Adaline is smart and wise, her lies do get caught by William. Who is as surprised as Adaline when she finds out. He wonders how she lived all these years and at the same time understand her pain. Not to mention also feel that she didnt care about him enough to know that it made him feel miserable without her.

Beautiful thing isn’t it love? Life? Being there in the moments which we cherish for lifetime. Lives can go down to the ground but the memories they live on.

I think I have been there in Adaline’s shoe’s not for aging or literally running but in few bits of actions.

Whenever I was a child I was too afraid of rejections, it caused me pain and thats why I never tried getting too close. The irony was that my nature brings people very close even in a day. And each time a person would show their feelings in a short period of time. I felt like running away because it felt painful to wonder if it doesnt end well and I will be in a lot of pain.

Irony of such thinking is that when I did get close to people without withdrawing for a change (cutting them out of my life). They did bring me pain by doing what I was afraid of.

What would scare me was that because it was short lived infatuation. There were many who showed it and I knew that short lived feelings don’t last very long. But later even if it broke my heart, I realised that even pain is necessary evil. I stood up to my fear and do embrace moments and people. If they don’t well its not my problem.

We are given a short amount of time to actually live and embrace life so why waste it living in fears. I have tonnes of fears and I try one single step one at a time to conquer them.

The curse of actual beauty is that people are very superficial. They only are smitten for the beauty and not what is inside and I hope in this era. People be like Ellis, not just be smitten but are ready to fight through difficulties.

The beauty of this movie is that it encourages us to live our lives at the very best. I have recently been too aware of people. The society, it judges us, it pokes its nose in our business, in our personal life or professional. It throws out criticism for us to withdrawn and close out to the rest of the world.

I sincerely feel that most of humanity is doomed because it has stopped caring about people other than themselves. When I broke my habit of running away, being scared. I embraced that I will have to face sadness. If you are willing to succeed you are willing to face rejections. If you aren’t willing to face rejections, you are not ready to get past the failures.

The first thing I experienced when I stopped running away from people was, getting to know people in the worst form. At times my curse and blessing is that I can see through people transparently. I can see where their heart lies and where their true intentions are. I can see if they will stay or go. And to not my surprise none stay. They say that some people are there for a reason, a season or a rainy day. I feel that we can’t always have around people who bring meaning to life. And that happens often, I had seen another movie which had a quote, we accept the love we think deserve.

After living 2 decades of my life nearly, I feel that we accept what comes our way. We can never know if it is worthy of what we deserve. We try our best and do our best to make it work. Many times it won’t workout and in a way it is going to workout for you.

I saw a ted talk about a women who was in a relationship with a man who won’t commit. She tried to persuade him. She did love him and try her best. But he won’t show up, he would flake out and it was making her miserable. She realised as she was aging, she wanted someone who commits. She told the guy that she would be taking this house, this job and moving. He said to her he will do anything she wanted. She said she can’t and she moved on. In later years, he was diagnosed with an extreme ailment and passed away. She had found her husband whom she loved and who committed to her.

And at that moment, I realised that even if everything looks perfect it is falling apart. And even when we are the worst of our mess, someone who truly is willing to love us will love us the way we are. The way we deserve to be loved.

Everything has the right time. I had people telling me the same promises every-time they met me. The shortest promise was made to me in a matter of 2 weeks and thats how short it was.

When it comes to relationships, there is no simple stay and go. If the relationship is full of love and you feel out of place. Leave the relationship, find yourself and get comfortable with your own self. If you think and know you are more than ready. Go for the relationship, if the person doesn’t want to work it out. You can’t do anything because it takes two to make a relationship. It only takes one to break it. Age of Adaline, shows a simple story. These days people arent genuine, they dont speak their hearts they dont think properly. If you love someone and they love you back. There is mutual respect and understanding then that relationship can take any knocks from life and sustain.

I hope someday we find our Ellis who will understand, respect, accept and love us.

That is it for today. Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

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