A day in a doctors Life

I feel like many being accessible to information google still have no idea how we live and how our lives are affected. I find it crucial as to show a point of view of how you see them can be changed.

I can’t speak for others but I can talk about my days.

The morning starts from an already sore body. The lack of feeling to wake up. Feeling intense pain all over the body. Still as the sun rises above in the sky I somehow manage to wakeup. After waking up giving my dog water to drink and leaving for a shower. The pain doesn’t stop and yet the warmth of shower feels comforting.

After dressing up I water my plants, as I have planted many. I check on the level of health they are at prune few leaves and branches.

After that I feed my dog who happily obliges and does his morning routine.

I plan the day or plan my duty hours with my studies. Around 10/11ish am I drink water.

I feel so tired that sometimes I skip breakfast.

Then I pack all the necessities for leaving for work. Keeping scrubs, pulse oximeter, sthetoscope and so on the table.

I start reading whatever I can find and spend hours on it.

Near the time for duty. I keep a bowl of water to my dog and wearing a double mask, a face shield, my scrubs and all necessary equipment’s I leave early for work.

At work the streets and wards always filled with patients and some dying and other getting better.

Starting with gathering all the information about patients I start my round. Each patient always eyeing the BP apparatus and pulse oximeter I keep counselling them that their health isn’t relying on knowing the status of their health themselves.

Everyone tends to panic when they see the numbers whose meaning they dont know about. I patiently counsel them, in a ward of 30 patients.

As the round starts by half of the patients seen I feel a little breathless. The soaking and drenched scrubs start to feel suffocating. The questions keep coming while the work keeps on increasing. Some who got better get discharged taking a long process to proceed. Making sure everyones got medications they need as well as writing down the history and treatments of all patients on file.

Suddenly few patients are sent from casualty who have been waiting for hours for their chance to get a bed. The necessity tests and information is taken and treatment is discussed and given.

Sometimes it gets tiresome to counsel people over and over for the same thing. And other times it gets on our nerves how a covid 19 negative relative tries to get in to see a covid 19 positive patient.

The load sometimes feels burdensome as for one doctor to manage it all. With changing requirements of patient to anticipating the deterioration of another. At the end of the day it feels too much.

When deaths occur after trying everything and giving them all, a sinking feeling comes within. One needs to stay strong so I tell myself to move towards another who needs help. After all the paper work required and all the necessities done. Sometime in evening I eat.

At times I hardly drink any water. Some patients tend to behave badly while comforting them the day comes nearly to an end. The evening rounds are taken and written. The necessary changes are made depending on the patients needs and the day comes to hault.

Around 10/11 pm I leave for home with streets empty and few people roaming around, it feels as though Il retire and fall asleep on the driveway. Somehow the less crowded road feels comforting compared to the loud noise and crowded day.

Coming home I take all my clothes wash it, take a shower and make sure my dog has had any food to eat.

I retire on bed feeling not a single energy left within for eating dinner.

One can only understand, when they walk in your shoes.


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