Agent Carter: What everyone should learn from Peggy

After watching Agent Carter, I felt that she is the most underrated character in Marvel Universe.


In Captain America : The First Avenger, we get to see a glimpse of this strong women in Army as well as a huge influence on Capt’s life. Her influence is so gripping that it lives on with Steve even after her death. I didn’t know she had her own series I got to know post Avenger’s End Game. Better late than never.

I am writing this blog dedicated to the women empowerment she stands for, she brings a strong character to us viewers.

Peggy Carter

Peggy Carter is played by beautiful actress Hayley Atwell. She is not just a beautiful gal but also a highly intelligent founding member of S.H.E.I.L.D.S.

10 amazing qualities Peggy teaches us through 2 seasons of Agent Carter

  1. Handling sexism with a blow

Not once but on countless occasions she handles sexism the way it should be handled. Sometimes with her punches and other times with her quick comebacks. She always stands up for her own self. Which is her most admirable quality I feel.

One time when she is quiet, Agent Sousa defends her but rather than accepting it someone respecting her, she believes otherwise.

2. It’s Agent!

I love hearing her say “Agent! Carter” in her british accent. As the war end’s with Roger’s and all the Men come home, her world is no different than our’s. She is surrounded by a world full of shallow men who think a women’s potential is bringing Coffee. Her determination never stops even after suffering a lot she never fails to do what is right.

3. Work as an SSR Agent

Peggy in Disguise

She goes undercover as a double agent, working to prove Howard Stark’s innocence. Peggy at work is treated as an unimportant waitress, a nobody and considered a women (oldest misogynistic thinking).

At night she fight’s off assassin’s and unveil criminal activities always one step ahead. While most her male co-worker’s treat her with disdain. Women present in SSR are mostly used as a disguise for telephone company, the ones opening the secret passage to SSR. We have Agent Daniel Sousa, who does believes in Peggy, her abilities. While working in the army we get a hint of this career oriented women, she never stops even when the war gets over.

She is a strong headed person her way to being a good agent. She not only believe’s in herself. She always strives hard to overcome the sexism of other SSR agents. She is treated as a frail women and not an agent, she does use this to her advantage. These scenes reminded me of a quote “Let people underestimate you. that way they’ll never know for sure what you are capable of”. Peggy uses their judgement in working as a double agent. While they ask her to fetch coffee and donuts she goes on work. It’s so damn relatable even in 2021. Sexism has never ended. People still show misogyn even when a women excels there 10 people saying terrible things to her as well try hard to bring her down. One can learn from Peggy to never give up.

4. Mr. Jarvis

I wish there was a never ending series on Jarvis, he is just so… lovely. If that ever happens, I’d…

Well coming back to James D’arcy who plays such a wonderful role. Jarvis is no doubt a great butler. He also is a good companion and is ready to dive in to support Peggy. From getting punched to getting handcuffed together. Oh! I ship them so much.

One doesnot require to be a love interest in order to be shipped and they both prove it. The british duo are the ultimate crime fighting duo.

He is such an innocent soul. He must be protected at all cost. Jarvis is like a good man who loves his wife. Misogynistic people will see him as a simp but he truly loves and respects women. It does bring tears in my eyes that he dies. It’s understandable given the delightful character that he is, his death would impact Tony so much.

He is such a notable character that Tony names his A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System). Jarvis although loyal butler to Howard when time comes he even goes against Howard to protect Peggy. I love their friendship. Jarvis brings out the soft side in anyone. After getting involved in danger countless times, he does show remorse for helping her for a brief moment but later understand what he signed up for was dangerous to begin with. At the time where he is filled with anger and distraught, pain and uncertainty of what would become of Mr’s Jarvis, Peggy tells him to tidy up so when she is out of danger he is like his true self. I loved that one and many more parts. Its their unconditional support for one another. I think that support can be seem in everyone in the end for Peggy. Jarvis does that from the very beginning.

5. Steve

Steve is the love of Peggy’s life even before he had the super solider serum that made him Captain America. It was never the body of Captain America that made Peggy interested in him like I said, Steve has all the qualities of a good man. The serum just excels it. Even when no one believes in this poster war hero. She gives him the proper push.

They fight together, win wars side by side. I guess love is expressed so much more in actions without words. Them saying they never met the right dance partner and he owes her a dance is just another way of saying how much they love each other.

While Steve remain’s the vital part of her life, her quest for her purpose never fades. She never changes her personality before him as well as after him. (Many women tend to lose sight of living their own separate lives and their work when they fall in love. I have seen it even in the strongest characters. They lose themselves to their partner and become utterly dependent on them. Its not bad to depend on someone but depending on them so much so they dont function without them is not good for anybody.) She always believed in herself even while losing those near to her one by one.

This quality of getting emotionally resilient as well as having the courage to walk a dangerous path all alone is what makes Peggy a strong women.

She doesn’t stop taking HYDRA once Steve takes down the missles with him. She does that even after. That is both common for these two. They both learn about losing the other and they carry on. With their focus on their work and heart beating for one another.

She always remember’s Steve every now and then. The most powerful message it show’s that even if Roger’s is dead to the world she must carry on. Move forward and that’s what she does. She focuses her energy on her uncovering the truth. She never tries to pretend or live as though Steve never existed. The show truly focuses on a crucial point here. You should never lose your muchness whether hell looses break.

Dottie Underwood

The female Soviet assassin who really is something. I always looked forward to what she might do next. She befriends Peggy and Angie. Without Peggy ever suspecting her for being a criminal. They also show a glimpse of red room, where each kid handcuffs themselves to their bed. Living an extremely harsh life from a young age, trained in fighting and combat. Making brainwashed children far more dangerous. She has this quirkiness to her while being both dangerous as well as playful.

As the series advances we get to understand how skilled she really is. Agent carter brings literally many strong female to the screen. Even if they are on the opposite side Peggy does go out her way to save her.

Dottie reminds of Joker in some ways. Joker is always obsessed with Batman. She is obsessed with Peggy.

Dottie also works for Leviathan. Leviathan being the centre of it all. It is all very fascinating. They use inflitration tactics and a lot more.


She is a waitress and an acquaintance of Peggy. Peggy after dealing with losses of whoever comes close to her keeps Angie at arms length. It is shown that Peggy never reveals to anyone who she is or what she is. She always works secretively. But none the less she is a women, she shares her affection towards Angie several times. My favourite scene is when she tightens up a regular bully. I guess this series is full of magnetic characters who makes you draw into their lives.

She is always supporting Peggy even though she has no idea what she does in real life. Peggy’s dangerous work puts many people in danger hence she strongly refrains from bringing that in Angie’s life. Their friendship really shows when she finds out who she is an agent, she trusts her before trusting others from SSR. The behaviour of a true friend.

To summaries, Peggy is an admirable person her gender brings impact because many people are unjustly treated even today. She brings hope, not so much in words but she always tells us to be brave and believe in oneself. Her strength comes from what she believes in what is right to do. Even when Jack Thompson takes her work’s credit several times she never aims for gaining approval from others. She sticks to her friends thick as thieves. Though Jarvis is just a butler she treats everyone as her equal. Her altogether personality makes people fond of her. Even when getting impaled her stubborn behaviour never rests to stop someone. She is not an Army women, why? She mourns the loss as well as deals with it. Take Sousa for example, he is an Army man. He never loses that in his personality. He does a lot for the country and is never appreciated. Carter never bothers about those things.

Her quality of friendship lies in that people are ready to be with her even when they know her life is dangerous. Her strong will to help out people when they are lost and even if they take advantage of her, she never complains.

She never nags or whines. She supports other women too, she even suggests Rose for an important mission.

Hope we all learn from her and find strength in ourselves in the most difficult times. (After being in a slump for several months. And procrastinating for months in keeping this incomplete. It feels nice to finish writing.)

Good day.

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