Watching Hawkeye makes me wonder if I am watching a kids series.


Kate Bishop is a rich brat whose parents are planning on moving, her special skills are eavesdropping but she isn’t good at that. She watches Hawkeye fight when the Chitauri attack New York along with Chitauri Leviathan. It destroying half the city and Kate a old enough kid who watches things going down stands around the almost collapsing building. My face palm is still yet to come. Her mother finds her and her father dies when the whole building collapses.

I somehow find everything sketchy about her mom as she doesn’t look like she has lost anyone. Kate grows inspired by Barton by his heroic act of saving her life by standing on top of a building of and shooting an arrow destroying the Chitauri from miles away.

She takes up gymnastics, archery, fencing and she tries to be jack of all. Basically she is like me, except for she has a lot of award collection and an obsession with arrows.

Meanwhile Clint Barton is spending his Christmas with his kids by watching a musical on the New York attack.

She uses her skills to take up a bet and destroys a clock tower. I want to roll my eyes as though she is not put in jail for destroying public property. Instead her mother cut offs her credit card. Wow mother is so unfair.

Kate has no quality other than be archer. She is invited to New York for Christmas. Her mother being more sketchy surprises her with Jack Duquesne the guy who looks like a jag-off not just in looks but in behaviour.

After the surprise arrival she gets a not so shocking news from Armand Duquesne III, his father that they both are getting married and he shows a strong disapproval of her. I wonder why?

I understand that she is having an existential crisis but this is damn right boring plot. During the party she spots Armand threatening Elenor (her mother) who also is the owner of a security company- Bishop’s security.

She partly eavesdrops again and jumps to the conclusion that he is threatening her, she confronts her mother who looks unhinged.

Seriously she is very sketchy, more sketchier than Jack. She follows the old man of course he will be walking through the back of the kitchen into an illegal auction of superhero materials. They show Ronin’s clothes as well as his sword, the one which he used to kill most of criminals including Akihiko.

I got very bored. She eavesdrops and even spots bunch of morons planning to raid the place. She fights with them like a ninja and a dog helps her. She saves the dog and now he is her pal. I think Hawkeyes limelight is stolen by this boy. Whom she feeds Pizza! After she brings him home. People dogs are not allowed to eat fermented or junk food. It can kill them. *Another face palm*

Wearing the same outfit she goes to Armands apartment to find him stabbed with a sword and spots candies around. She flees the scene.

Clint finds out from news that his Ronin name is being used by news for someone in his costume. He goes to find it and he ends up meeting Kate. He takes her to her apartment and asks her to take off the suit. She hands it to him and before he can question anything further. The mindless looters from the auction who know her name start lighting her apartment on fire. Rather than being smart and using the fire extinguisher asap she instead throws an arrow at the thugs. And then shoots at the fire extinguisher with her arrow. It ends up all over the place and falls outside.

Her whole place gets on fire and instead of giving a damn about being alive she cares about her stuff. She is 22 not 12! She takes our beautiful 4 legged boy out with Clint who is unable to get his suit back. She takes them to her aunts place which is vacant and he goes back in her apartment posing as a fireman. He finds his suit missing and tracks down the fireman’s Instagram post where the guy wears his Ronin costume. He gives Kate his number and then proceeds to track down a cosplay fanatic. He plays the role and gets the suit. Later gets kidnapped the conversation reminds me of (Natasha’s interrogation with the Russian).

Kate seems to misuse her security utilities to stalk people. Including Barton who is literally kidnapped on his own will. She is also taken as hostage as the mindless goon goes to his criminal mastermind. She speaks nothing but I can feel that she must be daughter of a criminal Ronin killed.


After watching Hawkeye’s two episodes I am not impressed. C’mon he is Ronin please give him a better story. I am just disappointed, I can bet that the girl behind their kidnapping is connected to Akihiko.


Now this is the kind of Barton I want to see, not avenging or in rage but having a substance. This seems like a children’s cartoon where the obvious bad guy will be her mother and “Jack”.

I also have one lazy question, if there are 100 villains how does Hawkeye not run out of arrows?

Thank you for reading.

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