Is the path of revenge the only way? 모범택시 2021 Taxi Driver

Spoilers Ahead!

Story and Thoughts

The world has become part of evil, where evil thrives and law fails to punish. Sang Chul Jang creates a deluxe rainbow taxi, the theme reminds me of Kingsman because of the secrecy but it is unique. Sang Chul has a team which involves most of his staff. Do gi Kim a used to be military officer is a taxi driver he also moonlights as a crime fighter whenever he can. The operation is assigned by Sang Chul who does it based on his own pain of losing his parents who are brutally murdered.

Kim Do Gi played by Lee Je Hoon

The taxi service has their own gears and gadgets which they use to learn about the criminals. We get to see the first perpetrator, Cho do Chul is the criminal who comes out of jail after sexually assaulting a female, he clearly hasn’t repented or feel any shame about it. He gets into Do gi’s car which looks far from a taxi. But it says Deluxe Taxi, the car is driven away from the criminals desired location which makes him attack Do gi. He is quick to knock him out and he is traded to a woman by Sang chul.

Later we meet Maria, a disabled woman who is on the brink of committing suicide after she leaves hospital, she keeps herself away from police and comes to a bridge for taking her life. She finds the taxi’s number and call it out of desperation. The words written on the platform are very capturing as each person who reads it remembers why they have to take this life ending step.

She decides to call the number a taxi arrives, which Do gi is driving, she asks him where they are headed, he says to avenge. They come to an arcade, the game screen gives her instructions as well as a choice whether to take revenge or not harm the people who hurt her. She choses avenging, after pressing that. Do gi and his co workers take their special skills to learn about what happened to her. She is met by a social worker who chooses to give job based on their disability. She is promised a good job but instead she is given a job to clean fish, she protests that her job is for computer she cannot do that as she fears fishes, the boss of that factory arrives and after hearing that he dunks her face in the fish container, they torture her by keeping her in cold freezing storage containers, she is kept starving. Her whole money is kept by those as a debt. They don’t let her meet her kids, worse than imprisonment she tries to escape, she is found by a police officer who takes her right back to those scums. They torture her, one of the worker, sexually abuses her and gives her contraceptives saying they are nutritional medications. Later she cuts her arm bleeding for the guy to take her hospital from which she escapes.

The crew listens to this story and strengthen their mind into using their business and running it towards them. Do gi gets into their house by their team adding sleeping pills in the food. He finds a lot of things along with Maria’s pictures of the shady guy harassing her and calling that love when he is talking to the boss. This whole thing angers Do gi who takes up a iron rod which can take down a wall. He uses that to toss down the corrupt officers car, then he cons the factory owner by placing an order and when the order is complete constantly foiling the delivery by beating the delivery guy (same guy who sexually uses Maria), the boss fails to deliver and asks him one more chance, he ups the number and again goes to foil the delivery, this time the scum brings more scums to beat Do gi, who is like a Batman fighting with agility and knocking everyone down, the point is that this taxi does more than just listen to different individuals misery when they take the taxi, while being tired and in pain, while trying to pay debts, Do gi can hear them all.

Next call comes from a teenager, a high-school student with a bruised face, he searches online ways to kill oneself without pain, he finds the taxi part initially giving him validation of what he wants to do and later opening up the card with its “ don’t die, you will get avenged”. He hesitates and dials the number, he hesitates when he sits in front of the arcade when Do gi drives him there, he hesitates and remembers the bullying he faced at his school. He remembers that he goes to the teacher who ignores his complaints about his fellow bully classmates. He becomes a regular beating dummy for these clones. Everyday they find different ways to hurt him and even push him down and break his leg by running over it with a bike. When he comes home after complaining to the higher management, they come to his house, shamelessly and fearlessly showing his mother a knife and putting it into many words that she will be stabbed if he speaks. He keeps quiet when the matter is seen in front of school board, he cries and asks his mother who is deaf, to leave it. Living in extreme pain he choses the taxi service. He watches his mother work hard and suffer because of her disability. He tries hard to help her out and therefore reeks to his classmates or teacher. I don’t understand how these kind of monsters. How shitty one has to be to hurt another for fun. Thinking they are unstoppable, this bullying reminds me of Penthouse. God tsk.. its so toxic! Our Taxi takes care of him while he slacks, he tears up lying to his mother, his mother also feels his pain because she knows how painful it has been for him.

How the Taxi service work is just fun to watch. I wont spoil that for you.

What really touched my heart was, when they show the boy hesitating in the arcade after his flashback. The episode ends with a quote translation “Young age doesn’t lessen the weight of the sin. No matter who throws the stone”. That hit deep.

It’s very easy to be a bystander and comment a moral speech or give an advice. It is million times harder when its your own time to walk in those shoes. World is consumed with immorality and corruption. People have forgotten the word ‘human’ and what it means. Humanity stands for having the heart and the courage to help out those who have lost their way or are helpless. The world is sinking into despair because each person finds another person to stash their despair.

Today world holds up a camera in front of a wrong doing, many misuse media into circulation of lies. The system which we rely on disappoints us when it comes to doing what is right and its global. The system can be your house to the outer world, it is hard to stay straight and kind in this world. And I implore you to stay kind. Kind doesn’t mean that you let anyone hurt you. Kind means you remember that your worth is not equal to what situation your in, or how badly life is getting. Kindness is outward as well as inward. If someone insults you, it is your choice to stay kind to yourself even if it costs you few enemies.

Being strong is being kind, having the courage to help out those who feel vulnerable or better yet not taking their advantage for your own means.

Each time I have made many enemies, I have felt good in a way. Each time someone tries to pull me down it makes me feel as though I have done something to be pulled down. While I have no idea what that is… at times it gets very hard when people just want to see me fall.

Never give up on yourself, the world will constantly put barriers in your way. The choices make a definition of the person you will become. The choices aren’t simple but bare with the worst times. Your life is powerful if you let nothing outside give you any pain. It lies in your hands.

There is no such thing as a saviour. People who carry forward their kindness are perceived as angels at times but they are just being kind. In life there are no shortcuts, no one is going to save you from the worst things when time comes you have to become your own saviour.

I do think the series has a twisted end because Sang Chul uses the help of a shady women, she is extremely shady from the looks of illegal organ harvesting and so much more.

I think I love this theme because the characters draw from their own pain and experience to save people who are brutally getting hurt by on going situations in their lives. They not only give it back to the criminals the way it was given. I think there is already a lot of evil out there, people taking bribes, overlooking bullying, making those who get harassed live a more difficult life than making it easy for them.

This is hard. But dont give up.

Unrelated note, I really feel Lee Je Hoon is always doing dramas which leaves us with a massive sentiment, Signal, Move to Heaven and now this. His acting is always on point.

Il update later when the I watch the end. Good day for now

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